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How To Use Bethink In A Sentence?

  • But we should bethink ourselves what we felt on hearing of others in the same plight.
  • There is time yet before you to bethink yourself whether you can be free in will and conscience.
  • When you are about to take in hand some action, bethink you what it is that you are about to do.
  • If he had done so she would have had to bethink herself, and she did not want to do that.
  • Friend, bethink you first what it is you would do, and then what your own nature is able to bear.
  • This unpleasant duty discharged, the captain began to bethink him seriously of his military trust.
  • And when you call your servant, bethink you that he may not hear, or, hearing, may not obey.
  • Then it seemed familiar, but I could not bethink me where I had seen it before.
  • When he who hath designs on me is swift In his advance, I must bethink me swiftly.
  • I feart it at first, but I didn't arter a bit, when I'd time to bethink me a little.
  • But bethink you of that inexperienced and most silly good creature who is on the rapids to her destruction.
  • Then bethink you of something that belongs to an enemy which will serve as well for a test of shooting.
  • Further, you brothers and sisters of the north ought to bethink yourselves and keep in mind how we regard them.
  • Those who decry him as a fanatic, ought to bethink themselves that religion was the chivalry of the age in which he lived.
  • Not till the door had closed behind her did we bethink us that it was to a humble peasant girl we had paid unconscious homage.
  • But to the point, bethink your self well; a man may forget a thing to day, and recollect it to morrow.
  • I bethink me how many questions I might ask you; how many doubts you might clear up if you were but within hearing.
  • Betty, bethink you of my age," cried Mary, but tears of genuine emotion rose to her eyes.
  • The colonel at last, with a long sigh, took up his book again; then seemed to bethink him, and turned to Esther.
  • Nor could he bethink him of a ruse that might excuse an indirect allusion to it; and he went to sleep at length without finding a solution of his question.
  • Bearing this in mind, my reader will perhaps forgive me, and at least bethink him that these things are not done by me through inadvertence, but of intention and with forethought.
  • But let him, if his bread and cheese Depend on his profession, Bethink him that the art of these Was not their sole possession.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bethink | Bethink Sentence

  • Yet he had to bethink himself.
  • Nay, but bethink you.
  • And when he happens to bethink himself, it is too late.
  • Let him, rather, bethink him of his own safety.
  • Then, worthy sir, bethink yourself in season.
  • Fierce man, bethink thee, for an only son!
  • Nay, but bethink you, Duke.
  • If he would bethink himself, and Hugin gladden.
  • To whom, bethink thee, Now thou pertainest!
  • Nay, but bethink you, Colonel Butler!
  • Nay, Master Humphrey, bethink you.
  • But I bethink me, shall I give her something to eat?
  • Lady, what unlucky accident should bethink you of the garment?
  • But at times bethink thee of Brennus who risked his neck to save thine.
  • But now, my poor widowed sister, it is thy duty to bethink thee of thy son.
  • But here, in trunk-upsetting Boston, I bethink me, and confess.
  • He tried to bethink himself of some plan of lowering his enemy's colors.
  • Bethink thee in thy golden prime; Bethink thee whilst thou'rt yet in Time.

Definition of Bethink

(obsolete, transitive) To think about, to recollect. | (reflexive) To think of (something or somebody) or that (followed by clause); to remind oneself, to consider, to reflect upon. | (intransitive) To meditate, ponder; to consider.
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