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  • Clamor by night betokens nervousness.
  • All this betokens a considerable degree of intelligence.
  • To marry in a storm betokens an unhappy life.
  • A sudden shower of sparks from the fire betokens a visitor.
  • Now that, methinks, betokens a base nature.
  • Now that, methinks, betokens a base nature.
  • It betokens a weakly, excitable, diminutive frame.
  • To eat or sing in the water-closet betokens rain the next day.
  • Now we hear the yell which betokens encouraged hearts; but whose yell?

How To Use Betokens In A Sentence?

  • She looks up into his face with a smile that betokens a new and lively interest.
  • And there is always the subdued confusion that betokens the teeming animal life.
  • There was the sharp ring in the voice which betokens the strain of a deadly determination.
  • He speaks always with that swift decision which betokens a narrowed view.
  • A change of language invariably betokens a change in the social constitution of a country.
  • Everywhere they could hear the low hum which betokens the presence of many men gathered together.
  • A white one betokens mourning, a yellow one a christening, a variegated one a wedding.
  • I call him a great Thinker; as indeed his greatness of heart already betokens that.
  • That any reform should be undertaken in sanitary measures betokens an improved state of moral feeling.
  • The name of Garibaldi, common enough throughout North Italy, betokens old Lombard descent.
  • A speck has appeared on the horizon which betokens a coming storm, else we would prepare our supper ourselves.
  • It came in the raging wind which darkens the heaven with clouds, or in the cloud of dust which betokens the approach of the storm.
  • It betokens marriage for a girl, misfortune for a man, who should not undertake serious business for some time after such dreaming.
  • Dulce, coming up-stairs, presently, finds her still sitting over the fire, in an attitude that betokens the very deepest dejection.
  • On the contrary, they argue, the biggest things have the smallest beginnings, and hence one never knows what tiny affair betokens crisis.
  • If that is so, then was her success as a public speaker something of which to be proud, for to have spoken on such subjects surely betokens a great nature.
  • The whole trend of events betokens an increasing solidarity of the Near Eastern peoples against Western political control.
  • None of these things has occurred; the knock is the half-hearted knock which betokens either that the person who knocked is in trouble, or is uncertain as to his reception.
  • The face depicted betokens an intellect of great acumen, a heart of great benevolence, both controlled by a will strong with the strength of persistent discipline.
  • It is with a sense of pain and humiliation, as if a dishonour were being done to human nature, that we see a funeral at which everything betokens hurry, shabbiness and slovenliness.
  • He was leaning against the tree, with his eyes fixed on the window; his head and arms hanging listlessly down, with that undefinable singularity of mien which betokens the wandering of the mind.

Definition of Betokens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of betoken
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