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  • No betrayal of ourselves.
  • Germany will discover the betrayal of her secrets.
  • Its betrayal was purely accidental.
  • My betrayal by traitors, 43.
  • Their betrayal into the hands of the savages was but one of many grievances.
  • Then how the news of the betrayal of her trust would flash from room to room!
  • I shall run no risks of betrayal by engaging Bridgwater folk.
  • Confession is itself a sin, a base betrayal of one's own heart.
  • The betrayal of the Negro, from Rutherford B. Hayes to Woodrow Wilson.

How To Use Betrayal In A Sentence?

  • For so she felt sure had been the result of that fatal betrayal to her brother-in-law.
  • Certain kinds of betrayal or cruelty were beyond the limits of good soldiering, but not many.
  • There she stood near the door, looking at George without the slightest betrayal of feeling.
  • Now when it was too late, Ben saw his outbreak as a betrayal of Reuben, a betrayal of trust.
  • As if she knew her betrayal already complete, "I wish I had such a chance," she said.
  • For you to have committed yourself to intrigues which have for their purpose the betrayal of your country is an outrage which calls for no mercy.
  • The parson had always had with her a way of reading her thought and bursting out boyishly into betrayal of his own.
  • He knew too well that they only ended in betrayal by some traitor who had contrived to be admitted to their ranks.
  • His disastrous end and his betrayal of all political parties have probably affected his reputation unfairly.
  • That would have been a ridiculous thing to do, for it would have forced his own betrayal to the mullah.
  • There was no development of the sentiments, no betrayal of the fluctuations of the passions which must have existed.
  • If they listened to his advances, their cause must be so hopeless that it would be a betrayal of his trust to make them.
  • There was no betrayal of the emotion that shook his soul at first sight of the man who had robbed him of wife and child and happiness.
  • Indeed, with the utmost caution only could retreat to his gallery be effected without a betrayal of his presence.
  • Every commonplace betrayal in those intimate talks with her mother served to show her how good he had been, how simple and true.
  • Certain authorities impugn the historian's truthfulness rather than accept the duke's betrayal of his friends.
  • Much that passes for pride in the behavior of the great comes from the fear of the betrayal of emotions that belong to a simpler manner of life.
  • She did not know how she could speak to the mother of the anguish and suspense that lay before her, and she shrank from a betrayal of her own pain.
  • She stood, scarcely daring to breathe, wondering in what direction the betrayal would display itself.
  • The ladies from the post had their guesses as to who he might be, and laid cunning little traps to provoke him into betrayal through his voice.
  • She had never imagined that he would come in this way, or that a hearth-brush would save her from the betrayal of emotion.
  • As a rule the person found out in a betrayal of love holds, all the same, the superior position of the two.
  • It may be, that there are higher duties which justify the betrayal of an unhappy woman, when her very confidence is a sin.
  • The shilling was on Crummins' tongue to check his betrayal of the secret scene.
  • The order was careful in the admission of members and I have never known of a betrayal of the secrets of the order.
  • Its equivalent, the betrayal of tribal interests, is publicly rebuked, and a curse laid on the offender.
  • Following the moving of that woodbox and that small trunk there was no sound of betrayal if Miss Woppit did not sleep.
  • How should he guess that she was at last obliged to concentrate her every faculty upon herself in order to keep from him any betrayal of her condition?
  • Commines, however, declares that the Italian urged the death of the captive, fearful of the premature betrayal of his own intended treachery.
  • All had passed in a moment, a moment too short, too full of intense surprise to leave Sylvia time for recollection and betrayal of her presence.
  • The betrayal of the mother's trust is the "unexampled sin," which scares the world and shames God.

Definition of Betrayal

the act of betraying
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