Betrayed In A Sentence

How To Use Betrayed In A Sentence?

  • Most unexpectedly she betrayed a ridiculous consternation, but only for a moment.
  • She betrayed herself to the extent of throwing back her head with a little tilt to the chin.
  • But no sound or look betrayed that she was conscious of anything save her maternal anxiety.
  • But we had no foresight of that, and no preparation for it, and our circumstances betrayed us.
  • He was staring at her arm, where two whitish marks on the skin betrayed that bracelets had been.
  • All he had coveted, all he had betrayed his mate Harding to get, was at last within his grasp.
  • Many times has my rage almost betrayed my secret; which none knew but my dear child Azalia.
  • I remember chiefly that a chance illustration betrayed that she had read Bishop Burnet....
  • Then she told him all that had happened, although the other brothers had threatened to kill her if she betrayed them.
  • So he was filled with doubt and perplexity, and this betrayed itself in gloomy looks and in harsh speech.
  • So there are some men who make themselves appear very fine outwardly, but are betrayed as soon as they begin to talk.
  • He did not answer, but his eyes may have betrayed something, for she looked as if he had struck her.
  • The people believe that they have been betrayed and sold; rumours of assassination pass from mouth to mouth.
  • It would have been less hopeless had she occasionally betrayed herself, had her speech thickened and her walk become unsteady.
  • Ashley did his best to conceal his repulsion; she was sure of that; he only betrayed it negatively in a tendency to ignore him.
  • She passed quickly over this point, but a contemptuous curl of her lower lip betrayed that she had been informed of the whole affair.
  • Private interviews had always been held at obscure cottages, whose owners she knew would be hanged ere they betrayed her.
  • A moment of breathless suspense and the answer came in sharp, staccato clicks that betrayed the agitation of the man at the other end.
  • But his extreme anxiety to save the credit of his author has betrayed him, it seems to us, into an apology which will not bear a close examination.
  • He betrayed his surprise by the way in which he put down the little Chinese figure and wheeled round more directly toward her.
  • He turned at the sound of my voice with vastly more concern than he'd betrayed under the muzzle of Piegan's gun.
  • If I had married I should have brought a stranger into the house and betrayed the secret of our race.
  • In a word, I found that the muse had played me another of her tricks, and had betrayed me into the hands of a footpad.
  • The young man, now probably about six and twenty, had a remarkably handsome face, whose swift play of expression instantly betrayed the actor.
  • I had betrayed my party, my intimate friend, my wife, the wife whose devotion had made me what I was.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Betrayed | Betrayed Sentence

  • I was betrayed into it.
  • He has betrayed himself!
  • And he had betrayed her.
  • It was the baby that betrayed him at last.
  • You have deceived men and betrayed women.
  • Presently a light betrayed the window of his apartment.
  • He, too, had betrayed his Lord.
  • The delegates had been betrayed more than once under the cloak of friendship.
  • He is never betrayed into any curiosity or unbecoming emotion.
  • They betrayed the age and sex of the wearer as clearly as a photograph.
  • He must have felt like a man who had betrayed himself for nothing.
  • Her voice was quite steady, although its inflection betrayed some indignation.
  • Memory had betrayed her into Hubert's own phrase.
  • As we have seen, it betrayed Susy into an injustice toward me.
  • Mr. Creagan's battered face betrayed emotion.

Definition of Betrayed

simple past tense and past participle of betray
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