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How To Use Betrothal In A Sentence?

  • Breaking an engagement after the solemn betrothal had been entered into was a serious business.
  • Yet many months might intervene between the date of the betrothal and that of the marriage.
  • The very evening before her betrothal she sang it to me; and how deliciously sweet it was!
  • At last a formal betrothal was arranged, which was but the beginning of the end.
  • He never married since his betrothal to her, and rarely did he ever have relations with women.
  • The official betrothal came two days later, and all the town was invited to the ceremony.
  • Her betrothal to a neighboring young noble of the house of Wolfenbuttel was to be celebrated.
  • The Nabaloi custom of betrothal is the same, and the same ceremony is celebrated.
  • Know that this betrothal which you hold out as a Heaven on earth, is to me a Hell itself.
  • It is not possible, here, to touch upon the elaborate betrothal and marriage customs of the East.
  • Juliet and Romeo meet there and fall in love, notwithstanding her betrothal to Paris.
  • This betrothal was an intervention that had never entered into any of his thoughts or dreams of her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Betrothal | Betrothal Sentence

  • Do you see this betrothal ring?
  • There was enough betrothal in my kiss.
  • The betrothal of black death.
  • She was wearing it on her betrothal finger.
  • They know of the betrothal and they bewitched her.
  • The betrothal feast is a great formality.
  • The day of my betrothal is drawing near.
  • His betrothal is now eight days old.
  • The ceremonies of betrothal and marriage are very simple.
  • The betrothal ceremony is called gaysing.
  • The usual betrothal presents are as follows.
  • Your betrothal must be announced as speedily as possible.
  • I invited no one to the betrothal except Antek.
  • But when they got to Rome the betrothal had taken place.
  • Some Betrothal Luncheons.
  • This was the only sign of betrothal that passed between them.
  • There was a public betrothal which effected the reconciliation.
  • A betrothal here is almost as binding and quite as solemn as a marriage.
  • The little dinner which followed was turned into a betrothal feast.
  • But we do not know how far this factor of the right of betrothal has operated.
  • The betrothal wine had been tasted by strange guests to-day.
  • The seal of their betrothal was set, and their young hearts were as one.
  • For a year the betrothal was kept up, and then the tie was suddenly snapped.
  • The end of my betrothal is not fixed yet, but it will come before long.
  • Shortly after that Will insisted upon announcing our betrothal to the star.
  • A week after the evening of betrothal my "Jews" arrive for exhibition.
  • Kaysing Gaysing Betrothal ceremony given by parents.
  • Kalon Galon Betrothal ceremony given by betrothed.

Definition of Betrothal

The act of betrothing. | The fact of being betrothed; a mutual promise, engagement, or contract for a future marriage between two people.
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