Betrothed in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Betrothed

1. Would you murder your betrothed bride? 🔊

2. And his daughter is my betrothed bride! 🔊

3. But her betrothed noticed her paleness with troubled eyes. 🔊

4. My poor betrothed is much grieved and worried. 🔊

5. He was betrothed to Roxana. 🔊

6. He has betrothed her, in eternal covenant, to Himself. 🔊

7. His young daughter was betrothed to the Prince of Orange. 🔊

8. It was Maina, the betrothed of Frederick. 🔊

9. And I answered, In the cave, and she is betrothed to me. 🔊

10. The King was betrothed to a fair Princess named Rowena. 🔊

11. Eve gave her betrothed a look, and he read all her anguish in her eyes. 🔊

12. The word may be interpreted spouse, betrothed or bridegroom, but not husband. 🔊

13. I'm not so sure I'd have found my betrothed at the end of the stage. 🔊

14. I'm betrothed to Miss Carmichael. 🔊

15. In the foreground are Scipio, the betrothed of Allucius, and other prisoners. 🔊

How to use Betrothed in Sentences?

1. Her betrothed tried to mount with the wrong foot according to his invariable custom. 🔊

2. She knew it was but right that she should love, and be supposed to love, her betrothed husband. 🔊

3. Mary stood with her betrothed in the bow of the boat, as it gracefully ploughed its way towards New York. 🔊

4. I have great honor in presenting to you my betrothed fiancee, Miss Theodolinda Chuff. 🔊

5. It was very provoking that Theodosia had consented to be betrothed to John Catt of Peckham. 🔊