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  • Choose between my ideals.
  • The rest is between my wife and myself.
  • I pressed her hand between my own.
  • The leagues between my wife and me were few.
  • I stand between my mother and trouble.
  • I chafed her hand between my hands.
  • The ties between my dear father and myself were so close.
  • There was a gnawing sort of pain between my shoulders.
  • An awful struggle ensued between my ponies and myself.
  • I laid my head between my hands and thought a long while.
  • I cannot drill the new men between my two crutches.
  • I feel between my shoulder bones a bitter agony.
  • Wilt thou put thy hands between my hands and be my man?
  • I ate mine, humming between my teeth.
  • It was all between my Hester and me.
  • No, the grip can go right here between my feet.
  • I sat down and put my head between my knees, and groaned.
  • Why, I could choke you between my finger and thumb.
  • Between my father and me there were frequently very disagreeable passages.
  • I am not going to discuss the relations between my husband and yourself.
  • A chair had been kept vacant for me between my father and his brother.
  • I took his face between my hands and drew it down to my breast.
  • Already the gulf was widening between my old and my new life.
  • I'll crush his white throat between my fingers.
  • You will never know how my heart has been torn between my husband and my son.
  • I seem to be living just now in a sort of pause between my different lives.
  • There was a hurried consultation in low tones between my host and the porter.
  • She now lies on the footstool between my feet, purring most obstreperously.
  • I now held a twig between my teeth, and he went through the same process.
  • He lifted my drooping head and forced a spoonful of the filth between my teeth.

How To Use Between My In A Sentence?

  • The vast drifting indifference in between my meetings impressed me more and more.
  • Though really there is no necessary connection between my premises and your conclusion.
  • I will not repeat the contest that succeeded between my forbearance and his passions.
  • In my own case the analogy is perfect between my conceptions then and my positive existence now.
  • The enforced quarantine acted as a bar to any intimacy between my husband and me.
  • It will be good to have a longer interval between my labor of the body and that of the mind.
  • There was an intellectual as well as a personal resemblance between my friend and his sisters.
  • I get up at twelve, and am now devoting the interval between my rising and his to you.
  • I myself had a very narrow escape, for a spear passed between my neck and shoulder.
  • Between my art and the world there is now a wide gulf, but between art and myself there is none.
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