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  • The difference is as simple as the difference between what there is and what there is.
  • She will then choose for herself between what she is suffering now and flight with me.
  • A breath from its lips making all that mighty difference between what it was and what it is!
  • He divides his attention between what you are saying and what he can summon to oppose you.
  • The man that is angry faileth to distinguish between what should be said and what should not.
  • Between what is a rag and what is merely a rotten trick there is a very definite line drawn.
  • The gap between what we have long called the organic and the inorganic is steadily decreasing.
  • Between what is a rag and what is merely a rotten trick there is a very definite line drawn.
  • Now, this difference between what you get and what he gets is what we call surplus-value.
  • They chant their inevitable wonder at the contrast between what Samson was and what he is.
  • Pray do not conceive any relation between what I have just written and the request that follows.
  • The Doctor knew the difference between what men say and what they mean as well as most people.
  • First of all, I distinguish between what might be called mere mechanics and technic.
  • I was as if slumbering between what I no longer denied, and what I did not yet believe.
  • It is far short of the truth to say that there was no inconsistency between what he taught and his own conduct.
  • The doctor slept with the sound sleep of those who do not know the width of the gulf between what they are and what they should be.
  • Is the difference between what we have called the secondary processes and the primary ones only one of degree?
  • She was sitting near the window and dividing her attention between what was going on outside and in the room.
  • The fixed gulf between what man is and what he knows he might be is the decisive factor in his advance.
  • Some readers may desire to be able to distinguish accurately between what is, and what is not historical.
  • Any one who has convictions ought to maintain a consistency between what he believes, and what he says and does.
  • Passing between what had seemed to them the entrance to a narrow canyon, they were surprised to rind the river widen out.
  • It is at this point that occult science draws the dividing line between what belongs to the body and what belongs to the soul.
  • Scholars, however, are agreed as to the difficulty of drawing the line between what is history and what is legend.
  • How do you distinguish between what Mill calls the Geometrical, Physical, and Historical Methods?
  • If the society is in a state of equilibrium, there will be a palpable agreement between what all severally expect and what all severally perform.
  • There is even a distinction made between natural right and positive right, between what is legal and what is equitable.
  • This vital distinction has always existed in civil as well as criminal law between what is fraud and what is legitimate encouragement to the buyer.
  • A woman came to sell them fruit, and offered to toss pennies for the difference between what she wanted and they were willing to give.
  • Perhaps the most interesting opposition is that which results from the clash between what I lately called the sympathetic and the cynical temper.
  • Listen to say that tooth which narrow and lean makes it so best that dainty is delicate and least mouth is in between, what, sue sense.
  • Always having done what is not making all the difference between what has been done and is being done is what has been done and what has not been done.
  • Many a period in the development has left no samples for our inspection and must be interpreted in our history between what went before and what comes after.
  • O U for the difference between what you sold at, and the price to-day, to be paid without interest and whenever it suits you.
  • Questions of testimony are important usually, and the line between what is competent and that which should be excluded is often a very delicate line.
  • That is because it is impossible to give any attention to occultism without making a definite choice between what are familiarly called good and evil.

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  • Between what extremes?
  • Evil is nothing but the incompatibility between what is and what ought to be.
  • The contrast between what he had looked for and what he had, was wonderful.
  • There was something terribly lacking between what I felt and what I could do.
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