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  • This beverage aroused a rebellion in my guts.
  • His only beverage was water just coloured with wine.
  • A thick beverage prepared from bean-meal and syrup.
  • It can, of course, be used as a beverage or in cooking.
  • This beverage began to pall before we left Montenegro.
  • Alcoholic beverage as a food and their relation to nutrition.
  • But this beverage kept them going all day, so invigorating was it.
  • Tea is the invariable beverage at every meal, and almost the only one, too.
  • This beverage also is found practically everywhere in the Archipelago.

How To Use Beverage In A Sentence?

  • This beverage is very soothing to the irritated membranes in cases of severe cold.
  • To prepare chocolate as a beverage it is necessary to boil or cook it thoroughly.
  • The beverage was drunk not only by the bride and bridegroom, but by the rest of the company.
  • At the end of a month the beverage is very intoxicating, and is then commonly weakened with water.
  • Her food was honey, and her beverage was dew gathered from the cups of the flowers.
  • Ah! mingle not with the harmless beverage of your festive scene this poison of adders!
  • A bowlful or a dishful as you liked, this lukewarm beverage was not given out with a niggard hand.
  • Sherry used to be served at dinner and often claret afterwards, but the great beverage was port.
  • I noted that he drank gin and water, an innocent-looking beverage but strong as he took it.
  • He seldom drinks while eating, though he makes a beverage said to be drunk only at mealtime.
  • Use cream and you will have a delicious, rich, brown beverage not possible when milk is used.
  • Infants in arms drank mulled hard cider at night, a beverage which would kill a modern babe.
  • I will also ask you to concentrate your mental faculties upon some beverage which was once your favorite.
  • When any beverage is sufficiently cold to cause a pain in the head or throat when drinking it the result may be harmful.
  • Having drunk once, they lounge at the corner of the bar until a friend comes up, and then the beverage is repeated.
  • This beverage is drunk when it is cool enough, and when the grounds have sunk in a thick sediment at the bottom of the cup.
  • The six mild tea-drinkers and their economical beverage seem to put a finishing and fairly comic touch to this ordination bill.
  • It would appear that tea has been as completely established the beverage of modern scientific men, as nectar was formerly that of the gods.
  • There was, indeed, an opportunity to moisten our lips, but wet sand is an unsatisfactory beverage at best.
  • I was invited to drink by many persons, but the beverage proffered was intolerably bad, and several convivials became stupidly drunk.
  • This, however, was no unusual thing, as that beverage was generally seen at every entertainment in those good old days.
  • The use of this beverage seems to be universal throughout the Caucasus, and travellers in these regions have frequently referred to it.
  • But often, also, when there is a shout, the call of many may be only for lemonade, or some simple beverage of that sort.
  • It was one tenth hard eggs and nine tenths that beverage which bears the name of an old royal house of France.
  • On being asked the manner of his cure, the interpreter told Cartier that he had been healed by a beverage made from the leaves and bark of a tree.
  • He particularly recalled a number of "chocolate" trees, the marvelous growth which yields a more delicately flavored beverage than the cocoa-tree.
  • As Higginson died in a short time, his boast of his improved health and praise of the unwonted beverage does not carry the force intended.
  • He quickly squeezed out the juice of a couple of them, and mixing it with water, brought the beverage to Pierre, who drank it eagerly.
  • The Inca presented the sacred beverage to the Sun, drank some of it himself, and passed it on to his suite.
  • We do not doubt that the original friends of the amendment intended to have it go no further than to make it deal with liquor as a beverage in Iowa.
  • Amongst other things that failed him was his stock of coffee, and as coffee was a beverage without which he deemed it impossible to exist, he found himself in considerable perplexity.

Definition of Beverage

A liquid to consume; a drink, such as tea, coffee, liquor, beer, milk, juice, or soft drinks, usually excluding water. | (Britain, slang, archaic) (A gift of) drink money.
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