Bewilderment In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bewilderment | Bewilderment Sentence

  • Utter bewilderment was written on his face.
  • There was more than a touch of bewilderment in the cry.
  • A sort of bewilderment was getting hold of him.
  • She looked in bewilderment at the well-appointed room.
  • Saying this, an agony of bewilderment quivered in his face.
  • Surprise and bewilderment took the Germans.
  • It is true that most of us have a sense of bewilderment about prophecy.
  • Stephen's anger and bewilderment were increasing.
  • Michael stood still in a bewilderment of joy for the instant.
  • Try to make your reader share the bewilderment and excitement you felt.
  • Her words bewildered one often and bewilderment is a sort of stupidity.
  • Tenney could not catch; he was too stupid from bewilderment of mind.
  • The look of bewilderment deepened on the old man's face.
  • He saw the bewilderment in her face, and stuck his stick into the ground.
  • Mr. Pratt looked with an expression of utter bewilderment and incredulity.
  • Mr. Jarvis' bewilderment grew deeper and deeper.
  • As the search progressed, Penny's bewilderment increased.
  • And she went indoors, leaving Pierre in bewilderment to gather the fruit.

How To Use Bewilderment In A Sentence?

  • Then the look of bewilderment in the faces of the people deepened to consternation.
  • For a sweating minute or two the battle with brute bewilderment hung in the balance.
  • In sudden anger and bewilderment she touched her horse with her whip and darted ahead.
  • At the hour of sunset this bewilderment comes upon a man with a disconcerting swiftness.
  • She only knew, through the bewilderment of her despair, that the tone was merciless.
  • But even in his emotion and bewilderment the steel trap of silence set upon his face.
  • The din increased, and in great bewilderment of mind he began to seek for its cause.
  • His bewilderment soon passed, however, and his gaze was riveted by the apparition.
  • Deane looked at her, his lips a little parted, and as he looked his feeling of bewilderment grew.
  • As it was, Gregory felt with some bewilderment that his behaviour was hardly normal.
  • In much bewilderment at what did pass, Till thrice repeated noted not its sense.
  • Mrs. Walsham kept her presence of mind, in spite of her bewilderment at these sudden occurrences.
  • His bewilderment at the size and completeness of the house and its fittings was even greater than his pleasure.
  • Finding a steward, he gave further cause for bewilderment by asking to be allowed to use a bath-room.
  • There is a look of utter bewilderment in the doctor's haggard face, but he says no word.
  • Dane looked at the speaker with some bewilderment as he let his head fall back on the matting, and lay still gasping.
  • So in broad daylight one might revisit the place where one has groped and turned and succumbed to utter bewilderment in a fog.
  • Harry remembering his first wife, with her child, was in a state of constant bewilderment at the sight of his second with hers.
  • He was astonished at this summary proceeding, but he affected somewhat more bewilderment than he really felt, so as to cover his retreat.
  • The expression of bewilderment that came upon the ebony faces by which he was surrounded prepared Marcy for the reply.
  • In bewilderment she brought the ark into the room, and read the letter addressed to Janet and herself.
  • The clamorous crowd that had gathered about Michael Sunlocks looked up in silence and bewilderment at this fresh blow.

Definition of Bewilderment

The state of being bewildered. | A confusing or perplexing situation.
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