Bicycles In A Sentence

Definition of Bicycles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bicycle | plural of bicycle

How To Use Bicycles In A Sentence?

  • We used only the front wheels of the bicycles with the forks in which they were journaled.
  • From the repair shop they developed a factory in which they manufactured bicycles themselves.
  • Soon after, bicycles went out of fashion, and I fear the moment of supreme luxury never came.
  • No; somebody was telling me they had taken to playing Polo on bicycles in Hyde Park.
  • Remember that those lines were written long before the discovery of railways or tram-cars or bicycles or automobiles.
  • They lit the acetylene gas lamps, with which their wheels were provided, and then ran the bicycles down to the roadway.
  • It was proposed to send a party of them forward on bicycles to keep in touch with the retreating Germans.
  • They walked to the end of the gymnasium building, where, in a long room, the bicycles of the students were kept.
  • By this time several carriages had come up, also a number of folks on bicycles and on foot, and to all of these the situation had to be explained.
  • When Harold grows up he will sell many patent kites, and we shall all be able to ride bicycles on the sea.
  • In his hands were two bicycle wheels, which I recognized as belonging to a couple of bicycles we had discarded the year before.
  • Owing to the lack of motors, bicycles and horses, some tradespeople in Brussels are using oxen to draw their carts.
  • Boys and young men everywhere are making good money taking orders for "Ranger" bicycles and bicycle tires.
  • It seems the Germans patrolled the roads on bicycles during air raids and captured the Americans when they saw the parachutes coming down.
  • Lord de Cresci's sister bicycles in knickerbockers; and the rector's wife advocates dress reform and wears hygienic boots.
  • For horse-back riding I certainly prefer a horse; though, on the other hand, for bicycling, bicycles are better than horses.
  • At the conclusion of many of the lectures, I have seen half a dozen traps, boats, and bicycles speeding away merrily in different directions.
  • When India is beginning to use bicycles and motor-cars (not to make them), the West is perfecting the aeroplane.
  • In a few moments the path was hidden, the outside cars, motor cars and bicycles had vanished as completely as though there were no such things in the world.
  • This is why our literature grows sinister and bitter, and our daughters yearn after this and that, write odd books, and ride about on bicycles in remarkable clothes.
  • Skipper caught hasty glimpses of smart hackneys drawn up trembling by the roadside, of women who tumbled from bicycles into the bushes, and of men who ran and shouted and waved their hats.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bicycles | Bicycles Sentence

  • A few moments later came the sound of bicycles in retreat.
  • Many of the younger men have bicycles and will pedal their way to work.

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