Biennial in a sentence

Definition of Biennial

Happening every two years. | Lasting for two years. | A plant that requires two years to complete its life-cycle, germinating and growing in its first year, then producing its flowers and fruit in its second year, after which it usually dies.

How to use Biennial in a Sentence?

  • The next and three succeeding biennial elections I was elected to the legislature.
  • From the first foundation, it was established that the preaching of each biennial term should occur on the twenty-eighth of October.
  • Sweet clover, a biennial legume that sprouts one spring then winters over to bloom the next summer, may go down 8 feet.
  • Endive A biennial member of the chicory family, endive quickly puts down a deep taproot and is naturally able to grow through prolonged drought.
  • At the St. Louis Biennial of 1904 part of a morning session was given up to the suffrage organizations.
  • By the use of a wise rotation he can not only maintain his land in a good productive condition but realize a good biennial crop that will keep the plantation from being a financial drag.
  • Nowadays, such a constitution usually limits a legislature to a short biennial session and defines in detail what laws the legislature may and may not pass.
  • Delaware extended the term from one to two years for members of the lower house and from three to four years for members of the upper house and made the legislative sessions biennial instead of annual in 1831.

Short Example Sentence for Biennial

  • The festivals of Dionysus were biennial in many places.

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