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  • Then he glanced at my big hat.
  • There was every indication of a big attendance.
  • He was big and fat and had evidently come in a hurry.
  • He sees a white face with big eyes peering at him. . .
  • The big curved shadow was the earth's shadow.
  • Have you ever stood on the beach and watched the big waves roll in?
  • He had overstocked the market, with a big surplus left on his hands.
  • There was, however, a big gain at eight o'clock.
  • His horse too was an extraordinarily big beast, a stallion sixteen hands high.
  • He is building a big transparency to put across the front of the National.

How To Use Big In A Sentence?

  • That big log there with the window was from the biggest gum of the whole lot we cut down.
  • His impetuous nature anticipated a great welcome as he felt that he had done a big thing.
  • Ida stepped daintily over the bridge she had made, and jumped triumphantly on to the big stone.
  • Patricia watched the train pull out of the big smoky shed, with a real hope growing in her heart.
  • Naturally they were eager to try their arts on big game, and that was what the Governor was.
  • It was a very fine mansion with big grounds about it, but Randy was not at all awed by that.
  • It's a big chunk of money, and a little thing like killing a man or two won't trouble them.
  • There are big pumping stations on the river bank to pump the water out of the river through pipes to the houses.
  • It seemed sort of cheery to nest down in comfort and safety while the big storm was blowing outside.
  • A glance at the big clock in the tower opposite her bedroom window convinced her that her watch was to be taken seriously.
  • The one thing that loomed big in my mind's eye was the monstrous injustice of the accusation.
  • She is unhappy to leave me, but they have filled her head with pictures, and she is wild for the big theatres.
  • This is a big country, but you can count on the fingers of one hand the places where a man can spend money.
  • You have seen the big hay wagons which go a long way from some farm to take food for the city horses.
  • A big transparency announced a flood benefit, and five thousand dodgers telling about it were circulated over the town.
  • The westerly swell rolled its interminable angry lines of foam and big dark clouds flew over the ship in a sinister procession.
  • Renouard set his direction by a big star that, dipping on the horizon, seemed to look curiously into his face.
  • He was our envy, for he could double back his big toe and let it fly and you could hear it snap thirty yards.
  • I was separated from a big bunch of money that belongs to the outfit I'm working for.
  • You never know when nor where your trail is liable to fork and lead you to new countries and new faces, or maybe plumb over the big divide.
  • The light came from the doorway of a big barn, where two persons, a man and a boy, were just unhitching a horse from a light wagon.
  • Major Lessard, who happens to be the big chief in this neck of the woods, seems to have developed a sudden grouch against him.
  • Picking up the big felt hat, I went into the next room and looked into a closet where a number of garments were hanging.
  • Pep had told of a big fire in town, and that had influenced them to accompany the crowd, "just for the fun of the thing," as they expressed it.
  • And, rising hurriedly, he went forward, the big tears breaking over his cheeks, and sea and sky dancing together before his eyes.
  • The big Frenchman had remained lolling in his chair; he kept his stumps in his pockets and addressed Davidson.
  • A big house was expected for Saturday night and it had been decided to run two matinees from three to five beginning Monday.
  • There's too big an account to settle with those fellows, Lyn; it's up to us, if we're men.
  • But there were two fallen men, and Piegan Smith with a hole through the big muscle of his right arm, to show that we had fought.
  • He fought down the impulse to seize her by the hand, lead her down into the garden away under the big trees, and throw himself at her feet uttering words of love.

Definition of Big

Of great size, large. | (of an industry or other field, often capitalized) Thought to have undue influence. | Popular.
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