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  • One is a bigger devil than the other.
  • The bigger outbreak was not a bit more serious.
  • The sea will get bigger as the wind eases down.
  • The flounder might have given us a bigger house.
  • Rivers bigger than the Ouse!
  • They are bigger men than the Americans.
  • A bigger fool than I took him for!
  • But I'll show you that I'm bigger than you.
  • Here, I am a bigger man than Jeff Davis.
  • It is something bigger than all this that catches the crowd.
  • Brigham had a bigger story to bring out and he was waiting for a lead.
  • That was because she was no bigger than the woman's thumb.
  • More than ever he became a thorn in the side of the bigger road.
  • The bigger procession's destination was soon known.
  • The flash of a pinch of gunpowder in your face may be a bigger matter.
  • So there were a whole lot of sillies bigger than the three sillies at home.
  • The bigger criminal stood up and folded his arms upon his chest.
  • A sudden blaze of wrath flared up in the bigger man's eyes.
  • It is a general rule in that country, that bigger incomes do not help anybody.
  • My hand's bigger then my Ladies.
  • A wager like ours takes nerve to make, but a bigger nerve to carry through.
  • With you, even Turks are bigger and finer than they are with us.
  • The cloud, three years ago no bigger than a hand, blackened the horizon.
  • Jonah looked in wonder at that tiny hand, no bigger than a doll's.
  • Then Emily's great brown eyes grew bigger with wonder and dismay.

How To Use Bigger In A Sentence?

  • It is when the bigger fellows get mixed up with the town that we have to interfere.
  • He sat there mostly silent and looming up three sizes bigger than any of them.
  • The natives are astonished at them, and say that they are much bigger than those of Theodore.
  • Remember that you're bigger an' better'n any king, because you're an American citizen.
  • Carson loomed immeasurably bigger on the horizon than all Austria and Serbia put together.
  • Evidently the bigger salary the bigger profit to the whisky distiller was the rustic's theory.
  • A small boy a trifle bigger than himself made a sharp punch at him as he passed, but he took no heed.
  • Saving and unexpensiveness will not keep the most pathetic family from ruin, nor will bigger incomes make free spending safe.
  • This meant that, as the coolies were on daily wage, the force appeared to be much bigger than that usually required.
  • There were no looking-glasses in the Presbytery but uncle had a piece not bigger than my two hands for his shaving.
  • But it is the 'unexpected that happens,' and the thing that marked me for life was something not much bigger than my fist.
  • There had been other boys there, bigger boys, but he had offered, and had been saved humiliation by her girlish slimness and feather weight.
  • Now just at this moment, a little bird, no bigger than a sparrow, flew along by and lit on a sage-bush about thirty yards away.
  • He waited until a wave, bigger than ordinary, approached, and, just as it began to pass under him, gave the signal.
  • He would go to some bigger boy with a tale that Dicky had spoken vauntingly of fighting him and beating him hollow, with one hand.

Definition of Bigger

comparative form of big: more big | (nonstandard, rare) To make or become bigger.
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