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  • The priest was among the most bigoted of his kind.
  • Narrow, blind, bigoted young man.
  • Yet he was not bigoted or rigid.
  • All but the most bigoted partisans will qualify it as it deserves.
  • The nations and religions are steeped in blind and bigoted imitations.
  • You are incapable of listening deferentially to stupid, bigoted persons.
  • No wonder the clergy of that city are ignorant and bigoted even unto this day.
  • Yet, bigoted as was this particular priest, he was not wholly heartless.
  • They are bigoted and intolerant, they have no idea of practical Christianity.
  • I found that most of them were bigoted Papists and Miguelites at heart.
  • This happy termination did not satisfy the bigoted Christians of Palestine.
  • Before she heard Paul she had a narrow, bigoted Jewish heart.
  • She is almost bigoted in regard to the duties of a rector's wife.

How To Use Bigoted In A Sentence?

  • In real life the people who are most bigoted are the people who have no convictions at all.
  • The envy and hatred of the more bigoted part of the rabble did not fail to exhibit itself.
  • Garrett Westenra had all the bigoted simplicity of the man who has never loved and been deceived.
  • They were bigoted beyond the people of other cities, Cholula being the holy city of Anahuac.
  • Mr. Downing was perhaps the most bigoted anti-shoeist in the whole list of English schoolmasters.
  • To A, B is never quite sportsmanlike; B is provincial and bigoted and generally inferior.
  • Victor Emmanuel having abdicated in 1821, was succeeded by Carlo Felice, a bigoted Romanist.
  • I conclude with sorrow that though he means to be honourable, he is so bigoted that he cannot act fairly.
  • She was neither bigoted nor prudish, however the alien circumstances in which she was placed made her appear so.
  • Stupid palaver like that might go down with some bigoted fool, but it will not affect a man of enlightenment.
  • Of course, therefore, he was bigoted in the eyes of those who could not or would not understand his principles.
  • Englishmen find it hard to understand what seems to them the bigoted and senseless animosity of the rival faiths in Ireland.
  • Had the sentiments of Massachusetts prevailed, we would have had today a most bigoted form of religious government.
  • He was scorned by them, if for no other crime, for the cheap offence, in a bigoted age, denominated blasphemy.
  • Decorum was, however, enforced after this, and the more bigoted Muhammadans had to curb their violence.
  • Nor is it only among the vulgar herd of Protestants, or in the ranks of bigoted controversialists, that we meet assailants on this point.
  • The Pope though bigoted and fanatical was sternly upright, and discovering the crimes of his nephews visited unsparing retribution upon them.
  • And Isabella might have had a similar cognomen, had not the Spaniards continued as bloody as her age and as bigoted as herself.
  • Mr. Downing was perhaps the most bigoted anti-gym-shoeist in the whole list of English schoolmasters.
  • He was, however, an intensely bigoted pietist, for at Palencia he set fire with his own hands to the faggots to burn heretics.
  • He consulted the pastor of his church, a bigoted New Englander, who counselled him on no account to yield.
  • A true hero, but of the reasoning, merciless, bigoted sort: not the generous, reckless enthusiast who inspires by sympathy and glowing example.
  • It is not likely that a furious Conservative like myself, who have the misfortune also to be the most bigoted of Tories, would be so.
  • But the dandy on church parade is so bigoted that he does not in the least yearn after the Salvationist at the Marble Arch.
  • I should have expected from the intelligence and judgment of our citizens that they would have deferred neither to the sickly sentimentalism of a bigoted morality nor to the absurdity of obsolete dogmas.
  • Our men were not bigoted abstainers, but I never heard any word so coarse and elementary as intoxicated used in Drumtochty.
  • They are ignorant indeed of human nature who suppose that a prompt obedience would not be yielded to all such commands by the ignorant and bigoted members of the sect.

Definition of Bigoted

Having the characteristics of a bigot; strongly prejudiced; forming opinions without just cause
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