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  • Or oftener 'bilbo-lords', = swash-bucklers, cf.
  • What, last Night, when you rescued me from the Bilbo-Blades!
  • "I've never heard anything like it-- at least, not since the Bilbo days.

How To Use Bilbo In A Sentence?

  • Give me the loop-hole of a good bilbo-thrust, out of which the soul wings its flight in a comfortable manner.
  • On looking-up, Hume saw the Captain's bilbo thrusting manfully through the night air, as if it would pierce the night gnomes and spirits that love to hang over old battlements.
  • Bermudas Berwick, pacification of Besognio Best hand, buy at the Bezoar Bilbo mettle
  • Cursing his unlucky fate, that brought them out to interrupt his converse with the mistress of his heart, and prevent the arrangement of an elopement, he bent the Captain's bilbo hilt to point till it rebounded with a loud twang, and stepping away up the Tweed, fell into a deep meditation as to the manner by which he should secure Isabel.
  • The Pilgrim_ (folio, 1647), V, vi, where Juletta calls the old angry Alphonso 'My Bilbo Master'.
  • "Spain," she says,[66] "cannot well be without commerce with France, not only on the frontiers of Biscai and Arragon, where it hath been almost ever permitted, but through the whole country where it is prohibited, for Provence hath ever had correspondencies in the kingdom of Valentia, by its necessity of the others commodities; and for the same reason Britaign, Normandy, and other parts on the ocean have continually sent theirs to Cadiz and Bilbo.
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