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  • Unknown and unnumbered billions of men have been so destroyed in prehistoric times.
  • I believe we can turn over billions before everybody picks up the signal and it senilesces.
  • The billions of stars above were terrifyingly vivid against the dark emptiness of space.
  • In forty years this commerce has increased from two billions to thirty billions.
  • Every morsel of meat a person eats contains some billions of the bacteria of the very worst sort.
  • I will not pretend to say how we ought to estimate this time, in millions or in billions of years.
  • I place it vaguely, some billions of years ago, when it was inhabited by giant white apes.
  • They want India's billions and they want India's man-power for their imperialistic greed.
  • I could hardly be otherwise than lost amid the billions of forms of life which had come into existence through the ages.
  • And when its individual strength is multiplied by billions upon billions the combined energy exerted produces a power that is irresistible.
  • Ten dollars a week may be an enormous sum, even when countries but now have been juggling billions carelessly.
  • And now that ice was dissolving and flowing into the swollen oceans, adding billions of tons of water every minute!
  • They plunge the clangour of billions of vermilion trumpets into the crowd outside, and echo in faint rose over the pavement.
  • Certainly, in all the worlds, billions of them, there must be many where conflict and submission are unknown.
  • The software industry will present studies showing, for example, that it has lost billions of dollars because of illicit copying.
  • It also made sense out of the billions of sols the Federation had spent preparing for an invasion that never came.
  • His puny arm, that could raise perhaps two hundred pounds, was lifted against enemies that could fling about billions of tons.
  • They safeguarded millions of acres of timber, put out many thousand fires, and saved forest resources worth billions of dollars to the community.
  • They involve much more immediately pressing concerns than to our Asiatic relations, and they involve billions where the latter involve millions.
  • Here may be found, during the spring and autumn, millions of ducks, geese, and plover, and during the summer billions of mosquitoes.
  • When a government with tens of billions of dollars to spend becomes monomaniacal, Great Things can be accomplished.
  • The stars, worlds upon worlds, so many billions of miles away, what are they for us but mere shiny specks on a net-work of nerves behind the eye?
  • That of October, 1916, amounted in round numbers to ten billions francs, of which more than five billions were paid in hard cash.
  • They sought the water for its coolness at this oppressive period of the day and to escape the billions of insect pests that at times make life a torment.
  • There is hydrogen and there is oxygen, and there is chloride of sodium, and the dark blue color is nothing but the reflection of billions of ether vibrations.
  • It is not an easy job that the farmer has in keeping billions of billions of subterranean servants contented and working together, but if he does not succeed at this he wastes his seed and labor.
  • After a thousand thousand years, and billions on billions of such repetitions, the handful of photons reached the relatively cool photosphere of the sun.
  • Unable to control their own consciences and knowing that billions would die, so that they could live, they rose up against the military and passed out of these cities and into the public.
  • On New Texas' plains, there were billions of them; their meat was fit for the gods of Olympus.
  • The phenomena of the emission of light compels us to think that the corpuscles revolve round the nucleus with extreme velocities, or at the rate of thousands of billions of evolutions per second.
  • But from the fact that radiant energy can be transmitted through it, with vibrations amounting to billions per second, we know that it must be a substance with elastic qualities that approach the infinite.
  • Of this enormous fund only two billions have been borrowed from outside sources; all the remainder has been subscribed or paid for by taxation or by loans in France herself.
  • There are vast quantities, billions of tons, of iron ore in the United States, that would yield less than thirty tons of iron to the hundred.

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  • What is a million out of the billions on the face of the earth?
  • Actually, we are at our starting point billions of miles away!
  • Why, there must be millions and billions of governesses in London!
  • Sirius, 'the leader of the heavenly host,' is distant fifty billions of miles.

Definition of Billions

plural of billion
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