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  • But Billy has taught me a lot.
  • But Billy says it is founded on a wreck.
  • I told Billy about it on the way home.
  • There was one mansion that Billy took me to now and then.
  • Mebby Billy meant for me to get a new one.
  • Which leads Billy into this here thing, too.
  • Where now is Billy Rice?
  • It was a lovely voice, and Billy jumped to his feet.
  • And that night I told Billy all about it.
  • Bud and Pars and Billy and Miguel.
  • I saw that half-witted fellow, Billy Blake about.
  • The Marshalls and Billy Winthrop came in their car.
  • That's the way for Billy and me.
  • That's what Billy said.
  • That's what Billy says about them.
  • They treated Billy and me as if we were a pair of guardian angels.
  • Me and Billy is goin' away.
  • She took me up-stairs after a while and left Billy to smoke on the porch.
  • If Billy didn't have me, he'd be doing things that he likes better.
  • She asked about me, and Billy told her that I was in the garden.
  • In vain did Jerry and Billy try to stem the tide and rally the men.
  • Better than we expected," replied Billy Dime.
  • A sigh escaped from the audience, as Billy Hudgens made reply.
  • The barber mournfully shook his head, even as had Billy Hudgens.
  • Got some stunt to pull off this afternoon, so Billy was tellin' me.
  • In the days that followed, Billy didn't want me out of his sight.
  • He come visitin' me and Billy at a water-hole out in the dry spot.
  • And when she gets all me and Billy made and your share, she'll be rich.
  • And Billy Leary's own hardness and fighting power were well proved enough.

How To Use Billy In A Sentence?

  • He had not been out of the room that morning: he was saving his energy for Billy Leary.
  • Thus speaking, Jerry and Billy rode back and in a few moments were followed by the other four.
  • You see, Billy and Overland Red have decided to turn the claim into a corporation.
  • Josh Perrott stood up, but Billy Leary was knocked out of knowledge, and heard not.
  • And Billy put his arm around me and patted my cheek, and we didn't say anything for a long time.
  • So we sat down on the front step and presently Billy said that we might as well eat our supper, for very evidently nobody was at home.
  • As he was speaking horsemen were heard approaching from the other direction, and in a moment Jerry and Billy rode up.
  • I just sat there looking up as calmly as if I were serving tea at my own table, and Billy sat there too looking up.
  • You see Billy and I live over the store, and none of them had ever lived on anything but ancestral acres.
  • For Billy Leary rarely condescended to anything less honourable than bashing, and had not yet fallen so low as to go about stealing for himself.
  • Anyhow, the Gophertown gent's bullet hit a rock, and shied up and stung Billy in the leg.

Definition of Billy

A billy club. | A billy goat. | (Geordie) A good friend.
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