Bird In A Sentence

How To Use Bird In A Sentence?

  • Strange that he could never get away from the thought of a bird when he looked at her.
  • It is possible to love and be loved untroubling, as a bird flies through the air.
  • The vocabulary of a talking bird is no doubt more extensive, but it is used entirely at random.
  • She must have beauty and sweetness; she must choose the truth as that bird chooses the flowers.
  • A neater, more inviting little bird house for a garden could not well be imagined.
  • He came out of the first house with only one bird house, he came out of the second with none.
  • A joyous bird song was heard in the air, and the two orioles darted into the apple tree.
  • Although the blackcock is a noble bird in appearance, he is dull and heavy, and is easily bagged.
  • A queer old bird he was, drinking himself to death as fast as he could, but mighty good to me.
  • After the young bird can fly, he needs to be taught to find his own food, and also where to sleep.
  • Jolly has been good enough to say I have earned on that bird house speculation.
  • But now of this little one: he must, indeed, be covered as a bird in the nest, and shall be.
  • The sound of bird voices was heard, and there in the tree Dick saw two orioles.
  • But if the bird had not escaped, Mrs. Short could hardly have been more furious.
  • It was a feminine type that seemed to her as archaic as some reptilian bird of the primeval forests.
  • Lord Sidmouth lived near Burghfield, where Mr Bird kept pupils, and was curate.
  • He wanted to realize quick and he offered me the bird house outfit and the rig all for fifty dollars.
  • The little bird wanted the worm so much that he seemed to forget his fear and hopped in beside his mother.
  • The young bird needs to be educated just as a child needs to be, though not exactly in the same way.
  • This line has been often criticized on the ground that a lamp could not cause any shadow on the floor if the bird sat above the door.
  • She made a petulant gesture, and the red wings in her hat vibrated like the wings of a bird in flight.
  • Bertram was a bird to be pecked to pieces, and driven away from the prosperous community, being no longer prosperous.
  • Mr C. told the writer that he lost many a beast and bird from the pokes of that insinuating weapon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bird | Bird Sentence

  • Sure there was never a bird so fine.
  • The bird darted away.
  • Presently they fell upon the bird herself.
  • A glorious bird is the red grouse!
  • The mother bird flew to her nest.
  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  • In a tree near by, a bird was singing.
  • I have seen very much myself, for bird of passage.
  • The Bird of Time had but a little way to flutter.
  • Pictures of Bird Life in Pen and Pencil.
  • Soon the mother bird came flying with some food in her mouth for her children.
  • The father bird joined the poor mother in her outcries of fright and sorrow.
  • But what old favourite dog or even bird is there that any one would part with?
  • The campaign went ahead until nearly everybody wanting a bird house got one.
  • He fed the young bird two or three raspberries, and then quietly slipped away.
  • Gives the bird a coat of feather To protect it from the weather.
  • When the young bird began to feel hungry, he cried out; but nobody came.

Definition of Bird

(intransitive) To observe or identify wild birds in their natural environment. | (intransitive) To catch or shoot birds. | (intransitive, figuratively) To seek for game or plunder; to thieve.
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