Birds In A Sentence

How To Use Birds In A Sentence?

  • The birds were her friends, and they seemed to sing of things she did not know.
  • Some are shaped like birds and they make a singing noise when the wind blows through them.
  • No one of our poets is simpler or purer, or writes so lovingly of birds and flowers.
  • He slept and woke again, and still the trees waved above him and the birds fluttered to and fro.
  • Bright-hued birds were flitting to and fro, now in the shadow, now in the sunshine.
  • I was far from being superstitious, but I would rather have seen any other birds just then.
  • Born and living here as free as the birds of the air, I learned to love freedom.
  • The Koran says that only birds can fly, and none can get into this castle without wings.
  • Of other birds of any kind I heard or saw little on my excursions through Crete.
  • The ill-omened birds settled down once more, until they covered the roof and disfigured all the landscape.
  • To make birds and other animals relate their stories has been done sometimes, and generally with success.
  • The food of this fox is various, but seems to consist principally of lemmings and of birds and their eggs.
  • So he put his great paw on the nest and pressed it down until the poor little birds could hardly breathe.
  • If you watch little birds just out of the nest, you may see them being taught how to find their food.
  • Here, in the heart of a pastoral country, the birds sang and the flowers bloomed all through the year.
  • Finally, the tempter filled the tree-top with his own birds of pride, the starry pageant of the peacocks.
  • His acquaintance with jay birds was limited, but he recognized them when he met them, and considered them very good fellows.
  • The birds would come at his call, and the squirrels would scamper down the trees to take food from his hand.
  • All his ready money was gone, and mortgages began to settle down like birds of ill-omen upon his house and lands.
  • While I was sketching, my attention was called off for a moment by the cries of birds and the bleatings of sheep.
  • The Clovernook children learned to know the flowers and the trees by name, and to tell the birds by their songs.
  • Far away, through the heavy boughs of the ailantus tree, day was breaking in a glimmer of purple-few birds were twittering among the leaves.
  • We were utterly unable to thank him, and, stumbling over each other in the passage, flew up to our own room like caged birds set free.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Birds | Birds Sentence

  • With the birds amid the ling.
  • The birds are building their nests.
  • Studies of birds killed in nocturnal migration.
  • The birds of the mountain can tell of the place.
  • You can hear the birds chirping as if they were happy.
  • The thirsty birds had stopped singing.
  • In a minute the little birds will fly out and join them.
  • Sometimes frigate birds and other sea birds were snared.
  • To merry birds that sing amid the trees.
  • When the old birds came home they were very angry.
  • There are also many fish, birds and insects.
  • The sea is covered thick with ice, and the birds fly away.
  • It is very easy to see the birds teaching their little ones to fly.
  • You will find the young birds sitting quietly on fences or trees.
  • But she was still a child of nature, the birds her best companions.
  • Thousands of noisy sea birds come to the rocky cliffs to lay their eggs.
  • The sailors followed, carrying strange birds and animals from across the sea.

Definition of Birds

plural of bird
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