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  • That was your birthday present.
  • What a curious birthday letter!
  • Its your birthday to-day.
  • You may consider it a birthday present.
  • It may turn out to be the birthday of a national hero.
  • I am glad your birthday party passed off so well.
  • These parties always ended with a fine birthday supper.
  • I have a pet canary-bird, which was a birthday gift.
  • On her eighth birthday Nov. 29th.
  • His birthday was Sept. 23, 63.
  • Dismay Give birthday smiles, and walk in white array?
  • The "Perfect Banquet" of the birthday came in the evening.
  • Pentecost: the Birthday of Holy Church.
  • You know, I passed my sixty-eighth birthday last August.
  • But the crowning surprise of the dinner was the birthday cake.
  • Moreover, this birthday was really to bring with it solid advantages.
  • So don't let this birthday be less gay for my absence.
  • My birthday comes round soon, doesn't it?
  • On the Lord's birthday eve, too!
  • The Prayer-book was one given him on his twelfth birthday by his mother.
  • A BIRTHDAY 140 XV.
  • That would have been a happy birthday for all of them, in Violet's opinion.
  • But you see, this is my daughter Fanny's birthday and her wedding day.

How To Use Birthday In A Sentence?

  • Stark had picked out her birthday present, but he wanted it to be a surprise for that night.
  • Once a mother gave a little birthday luncheon for her daughter who was a freshman in high school.
  • Many were the birthday cards he did for me, original in design, beautiful in execution.
  • Tea, sandwiches and little cakes may be served in the dining-room from a festive birthday table.
  • You would niver expect a haythen born to take on so about the birthday of our blessed Lord.
  • At the New Year and on her birthday her friends never failed to give her some curiosities.
  • Thus began the East India Company; its birthday was the very last day of the sixteenth century.
  • Many thanks for your congratulations on my eighteenth birthday and for the enclosure of two pounds.
  • The sacred birthday feasts of the god are also connected with the year's renewal.
  • These questions are asked again and again by little people who keep the birthday of the poet and wish to learn about his life.
  • Again he tells of charming birthday parties when children played in the hay and scrambled for sugar plums.
  • It happens that several of us have birthdays in the summer, and this was a sort of combined birthday treat.
  • Each child plants a tree on his or her birthday every year, and watches and cares for it as it grows.
  • After that a birthday cake was borne in ablaze with fourteen green tapers and set before the little hostess to cut.
  • Perhaps this would not be a happy moment to ask a favour at their hands, so pray keep them over and make birthday presents of them in my name.
  • Needless to say there was a birthday cake which was brought in ablaze with candles and set before Billy to cut.
  • She came running into the dining-room, skates in hand, to be met by her uncle and little cousins with birthday greetings.

Definition of Birthday

(intransitive, informal) To celebrate one's birthday. | The anniversary of the day on which someone is born. [From 1570s] | The anniversary of the day on which something is created.
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