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Definition of Biscuits

plural of biscuit

How To Use Biscuits In A Sentence?

  • The fruits and biscuits were shrivelled and tasteless, having evidently been there some months.
  • Roasted oysters served with hot split biscuits tempered with butter were the first course.
  • They did not use baking powder, as we do now, but the biscuits were beaten until light enough.
  • He can sit up and beg, and catch biscuits on his nose, and do all kinds of tricks.
  • I went into the pantry smoking a cigarette, and found him there, eating biscuits and raisins.
  • Ostrander, after some consideration, opened the tin of biscuits and, munching, he wrote a note.
  • For instance, the corn bread, the hot biscuits and wheat bread, and the fried chicken.
  • Mrs. Eben came to the door with a pan of puffy, smoking-hot soda biscuits in her hand.
  • Even Ralph felt hungry, and the fried mackerel, with biscuits and coffee, tasted very good.
  • These biscuits may be prepared the night before and placed in a cold place and baked in the morning.
  • All our bread and biscuits were used, and some bowls of boiling tea comforted our guests.
  • The first biscuits or sheets were rather dark in colour owing to the natural oxidation which followed.
  • A nice change for the family is to give them corn muffins and plain rolls or biscuits in place of bread.
  • We always had beef, done up in some way after it was dead, and there were always soda biscuits on the table.
  • Halting for a short time, we refreshed ourselves with a couple of biscuits and a nip of brandy, and proceeded on our journey.
  • Once or twice there was a second struggle at the dining-room door, the simple search for biscuits exaggerating itself into a perilous adventure.
  • That night for supper they had beefsteak and hot biscuits and custard pie; and grandma let her eat these delicacies which were forbidden at home.
  • Their last meal had been three days ago ... if two biscuits and a cup of water could be called a meal.
  • Out of the tins of biscuits when opened, there was only one sound box; the whole of which would not make one full meal.
  • I want not biscuits that are alive with maggots, nor moldy flour, nor peas or other things that cattle would turn up their noses at.
  • I had provided myself with a flask and some dry biscuits in case of contingencies, and prepared to pass the day as comfortably as I could.
  • Later, while she waited for the biscuits to bake and for him to come home with the milk and honey, she wrote a letter to Joyce.
  • Stella slipped a pan of biscuits in the oven; she laid the table briskly, with a merry clatter of tinware; her face was cheerful and unclouded.
  • They used to have a brand of soda biscuits in those days in the Toronto boarding houses that I have not seen since.
  • Upon these occasions he partook of the weak tea handed round by Joseph, and broke a portion off one of the thin biscuits that accompanied the cups.
  • We live on oatmeal biscuits and potted meat, with chocolate and tea and soup squares, some bread and butter sometimes, and cocoa at bed-time.
  • So I presume that very shortly thereafter the head waiters began offering dog biscuits to American guests.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Biscuits | Biscuits Sentence

  • Her biscuits were just as light and flaky as ever.
  • I have got to make some biscuits for supper.
  • He must have kept a store of biscuits in the attic.
  • No wonder that to Emmy Lou biscuits and ham were tasteless.
  • But to Emmy Lou biscuits and ham had lost their savour.
  • Hot rolls and biscuits should be served well covered with a napkin.
  • The manner in which the biscuits vanished was nothing less than appalling.
  • But he was hungry, and the coffee and the biscuits were good.
  • Those biscuits must be agreeing with you," he laughed.
  • A sack containing samples of biscuits in small tin boxes was received.
  • M. Fauville ate a couple of biscuits and then cut a dessert-apple.
  • You'll be counting your fortunes by the holes in your biscuits next.
  • And at that the ship's biscuits are better than the mess we get at noon.

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