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  • You say that a bishopric is not for the first-comer.
  • The bishopric of Zebu is the first; it was created in 1595.
  • Well, that Jerusalem bishopric owes something to Meldorf.
  • He refused the Bishopric of Hereford, and died in 1691.
  • When may we hope each bishopric will find a qualified historian-biographer?
  • In short, the islands subject to this bishopric are almost innumerable.
  • In a few months he was preferred to the bishopric of Hereford.
  • Another article execrates the bishopric of Jerusalem as an abomination.
  • The bishopric follows the coast until it meets the bay of Sorsogon.
  • The rumour about Reynolds's bishopric proved to be true.
  • He held positions of honor in the church, including the bishopric of Brescia.
  • Curacies and administrations of the bishopric of Zebu Curacies 615.
  • The bishopric of Durham the model of the colony of Maryland.
  • Now, no bishopric will enable me to do this but the See of Oxford.
  • Promoted to Bishopric of Dunkeld; accused of treason in 1580.
  • This bishopric was founded by a bull of Clement VIII, dated August 14, 1595.

How To Use Bishopric In A Sentence?

  • This bishopric includes the island of Bohol, which is in charge of the same fathers.
  • He was mulcted in a severe pecuniary penalty, and the temporalities of his Bishopric were seized.
  • In 1752 he resigned his bishopric and settled at Oxford, where he died in 1753.
  • The whole bishopric followed the example of the capital, and submitted to the Swedes.
  • A similar condition, in a somewhat milder form, existed in the bishopric of Osnabruck.
  • In 1134 the Bishopric of Carlisle was founded and placed under the authority of the archbishops.
  • He is said to have lost the bishopric of Lincoln by a bold sermon which offended Anne.
  • This bishopric includes the island of Negros, so called from its many Negrillos.
  • All these convents belong to the bishopric of Nueva Segovia or Cagayan, as above stated.
  • He was designed for the army, but a bishopric falling to the gift of his family, he was made a priest.
  • And he on the morrow brought unto the saint his son, desiring that he might be consecrated unto the bishopric of that church.
  • In religious instruction and ecclesiastical jurisdiction, this province is included in the bishopric of Zubu.
  • It will also be necessary to send persons from this city through all the bishopric to investigate the injuries that the Indians suffer.
  • The creation of a bishopric in Canada was becoming necessary, and all was ready for the erection of a separate see.
  • Chapter LVII Curacies and administrations of the bishopric of Cagayan Curacies 679.
  • The bishopric of Nueva Segovia was founded at the same time and in the same manner as the preceding.
  • Meaux is of course notably associated with Bossuet, the famous preacher, who was appointed to its bishopric in 1681.
  • Gad, whose election to the bishopric of Link√∂ping the pope refused to ratify, undertook to besiege the castle.
  • The bishopric of Camarines dates from the same time as that of Zebu, and was founded in the same manner.
  • They pay tribute to the king, and belong to the bishopric of Sugbu, being of its jurisdiction in secular matters as well.
  • This last appointment he continued to hold with his bishopric until 1789, when he was made Dean of Durham.
  • This village belongs to the bishopric of Cagayan, and is a district of about one thousand Indians, although it is unhealthful.
  • The bishop appointed Caraballo governor of the bishopric of Cebu, on account of the death of its prelate, in 1692.
  • At other times I have written to your Majesty explaining the impossibility of a bishop being able to govern all the bishopric which I have now.

Definition of Bishopric

A diocese or region of a church which a bishop governs. | The office or function of a bishop.
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