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  • Bessie learned a good bit about diving and finally sat upon the edge of the float to rest.
  • This personal bit about John is of intensest interest in studying this book of his.
  • But I must tell you a little bit about the family, as well as about what happened.
  • Then he talked a bit about the drinks and I thought sure he was pushing that new model Barboy.
  • Only you must put in that bit about my being actuated by the highest and most disinterested motives.
  • It's ma opinion that you'll just hear a wee bit about Home Rule for Bonnie Scotland.
  • Well, you mid tell us a bit about her,' says I; 'I've a-told 'ee all about my maid.
  • It won't do any harm having somebody examine it who knows a bit about these things.
  • In that driving snow we rubbed him into life again, cruelly pallid, but with no broken bit about him.
  • But it was only because he felt guilty about her being ill, not, so far as she could tell, because he cared a bit about her any more.
  • If ye'll only think a bit about them newspaper men, ye'll know it could not be helped a' tall.
  • And then, do you know, in spite of all that and our promise to meet her, we forgot every bit about it till half-past four!
  • Later on, from the loquacious guard, the two Americans learned quite a good bit about the country and city to which they were going.
  • I was just going to tease him a little bit about coming to see me so seldom nowadays, when he used to come so often, and ask about the lady in the case.
  • The night was clear when I drove away from the inn, but there was some mist in the fields and a goodish bit about the spinney they had pointed out to me.
  • The only other thing I ever had that I cared the least bit about, now that I look back, was your friendship.
  • As a little conveyor belt hoisted him through the tube into the central core of the ship, Jack Odin found himself worrying a bit about Nea.
  • As a result, when the little girl was three years old she could read a story to herself, and knew a little bit about geography, arithmetic and spelling.
  • The next time he saw her she was on her way downstairs to the parlor, in a long-tailed, soft, black evening gown that bothered her a bit about managing.
  • He also had a new silk hat made from his special block, and he would doubtless be compelled to have his hair trimmed up a bit about the nineteenth or twentieth, if the weather turned a trifle warmer.
  • While Tommy wrote it he was in a quiver of genuine emotion, as he was very pleased to feel, and it had a specially satisfying bit about death, and the world never being the same again.
  • Now observe, the Lombardic workman did not do all this because he had thought it out, as you and I are doing together; he never thought a bit about it.
  • I knew a bit about you two, and I should never have come near this dancing class but that I wanted to keep an eye on Miss Bultiwell.
  • We heard a bit about Dave Geneson, the first computer prosecutor, a mainframe-runner in Dade County, turned lawyer.
  • Yet on a sharp point of rock he still saw a bit of his mother's flesh hanging, a bit about an inch long.
  • It was not he who underlined them; but they declare his politics as unmistakably as Sandy's bit about those arguments with their officer.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bit About | Bit About Sentence

  • Just let me talk to you a bit about it.
  • I worried a bit about the burro freezing in the night.
  • I see that you know rather a bit about shanty building.
  • Bit about hoping we got back all right, and so on, first.
  • And the spring, I did not care a bit about the spring!
  • But you don't care a bit about it.
  • I don't care one bit about the claim.
  • And so you're in love with him, and he doesn't care a little bit about you, eh?
  • But there! I shan't talk another bit about her to-night.
  • But villainous as Chivey was, Herbert Murray never thought a bit about that.
  • For the benefit of the children I'm going to write a bit about them.
  • He doesn't know a bit about it--not a bit.
  • He doesn't seem to care a bit about any in the village but us," she explained.
  • I don't care a bit about myself if I can do that," she murmured.
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