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How To Use Bit In A Sentence?

  • Here now is a bit of slang which may fairly be warranted to keep fresh in any climate.
  • I never remember having felt the least bit bitterly toward mamma for punishing me.
  • Frank bit his lip and tried to keep from losing his temper with this mean-spirited cad.
  • Pep waved the precious bit of paper gaily and jumped to his feet with glowing eyes.
  • In an instant every piece of furniture was broken up and every bit of tapestry torn down.
  • It was the first bit of flattery she had tossed him, and he found it strangely agreeable.
  • What a bit of luck 'twould have been for you if you'd come back and found me dead.
  • Father had praised me for that bit of clumsy workmanship at which Jessie had laughed.
  • Let me have one bit of solid earth beneath my feet, and I can stand until it subsides.
  • This Pep of yours was passing my place when I heard a woman shriek a bit ahead.
  • However, there was a bit of his cargo in a ship in dock that I wanted to ask Mr. George about.
  • She never humored herself by striking or punishing us because or while she was the least bit enoyed with us.
  • I was a bit weak after my attack of mountain sickness, and stuck to my pony's back the whole way.
  • Judith meditated on this bit of wisdom and she watched Patricia closely when they reached the street where the house was located.
  • The other bit his lips angrily at this roughish flout, but immediately turned with a smile towards the youthful cavalier ambling in front of him.
  • Only, I have no respect for the weakness that will outrage a promising bit of narrative for the sake of keeping to the facts.
  • In the mean time, here's nineteen guineas, and a seven shilling piece, as a bit of a postscript.
  • It's a good bit to the north pasture, but I knew it ought not to keep him out so very late.
  • A strangled sound broke from Alice's lips, but she bit it back before it had formed into a word.
  • She was afraid the war might become "a bit conspicuous," and was, moreover, determined that it should not.
  • The silver bit in its mouth snapped in two, and it was only his extraordinary skill and dexterity which saved the Prince from flying headlong.
  • And now if you can get me a bit of tape to fasten my glasses on good to my ears, I will be going. . .

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bit | Bit Sentence

  • Is he a bit of a poet?
  • Go about a bit and see some of her people.
  • When touched it bit viciously.
  • Kucsuk angrily bit his lips.
  • Thy wee bit housie, too, in ruin!
  • Here, he thought, was the chance for a bit of frolic.
  • I stood still for a long time, studying that bit of beef.
  • The officer, thinking it a bit of banter, said she might.
  • Mr. Emerson was a seedy little bit of a chap, red-headed.
  • I even have a bit of your property as a reward for some of my work.
  • And that's a bit of hard truth for you.
  • In substantiation of that charge let me narrate a bit of unrecorded history.
  • Mark was not the least bit sorry, but his looks did not show it.
  • Reaching the animal, he crouched and bit one of his heels sharply.
  • And when he spoke up Solomon the magistrate pretty near bit 'is 'ead off.
  • We poked along slowly at first, for I was still a bit dizzy from that blow.
  • When you get on a bit you'll sort of settle down and begin to work it out.
  • Smith bit off a huge chew of tobacco, while he digested MacRae's warning.

Definition of Bit

(colloquial) bitten. | (only in combination) Having been bitten. | simple past tense of bite
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