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  • My biter here, eats no such meat.
  • Here is the biter bit, and it were to be more than human not to smile!
  • The Biter Bit 328 19.
  • The world applauds the lucky hit, When it beholds the biter bit.
  • The, in the Serbian folk-tale "The Biter Bit," 333 Wedding Tax.

How To Use Biter In A Sentence?

  • Innocent-looking patrol boats were sometimes attacked, and, too late, the biter discovered that he was bitten.
  • In bitter hates invoke the moon; the biter for bite-injuries is good; but runes against calamity; fluid let earth absorb.
  • The Black Giant buys the; described in the Serbian folk-tale "The Biter Bit," 339 Croatia.

Definition of Biter

Agent noun of bite; someone or something who bites. | (fishing) A fish that tends to take bait. | (curling) A stone that barely touches the outside of the house.
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