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  • He spread out his bizarre possessions on the coverlet and showed us each in turn.
  • A black velvet coat and a brilliant tie were the only bizarre features of his costume.
  • Those which looked askance at his bizarre ideas were glad to accept pecuniary aid from him.
  • His white beard brushed the oddly checkered jacket, flamboyant with its bizarre colors.
  • Oddly enough, the somewhat bizarre costume he wore would help in betraying him to her eyes.
  • Their profiles and full faces, even in outline, are often most bizarre and strange.
  • For a second her attention was distracted from everything except the wonderful bizarre splendor in which she found herself.
  • There was the same emulation in the vows as in the banquets and many of the self-imposed penalties were as bizarre as the side-shows.
  • He leaned over the balustrade of stone near a squat vase holding a tropical plant of a bizarre shape.
  • The details of the case brought against this woman accused of witchcraft reveal the more bizarre medical practices of the time.
  • But his lists of contents, when they cease to be commonplace, are apt to run into the bizarre and the grotesque.
  • He proudly exhibited the bizarre collection of scraps, initialed in token of debt and reinitialed in token of payment.
  • He was wholly indifferent to the personal element in the bizarre compact proposed by his arch-enemy, on whom he had turned his back while speaking.
  • There was a bizarre absurdity in the solemn way Quimbleton beamed out from his frosty and fraudulent shrubbery.
  • Hermione, smiling, for it was a bizarre experience to find herself interested in all sorts and conditions of people whom she had never heard of.
  • The dying sun outlined through the folds of her bizarre garment ankles straight, slender, and probably naked.
  • Others were black-browed ruffians; still others were fever-burnt and sallow; and about all of them was something bizarre and outlandish.
  • She carried in one hand a large bunch of mauve orchids and wore an abundance of chains and coarse, bizarre jewelry.
  • Yes, those were the words, and the man was not playing with him; but it was some wild hallucination, some bizarre mistake.
  • The floor inlaid in two kinds of wood in a bizarre pattern was highly waxed, reflecting objects like still water.
  • But it was a pleasant, moonlit night, the old street was very quaint, the crisis he had happened on bizarre and amusing.
  • Fronded whitely by the sleet, the panes loomed out of the dark like an incandescent series of camera plates, bizarre and oriental.
  • Mrs. Sayther had no eyes for the woman till the canoe drove in closer and her bizarre beauty peremptorily demanded notice.
  • As a dancer of a bizarre kind, she had set Paris nodding to the rhythm of her movements and raving about the beauty of her eyes and hair.
  • The Federal troops, in spite of their bizarre uniforms and varied equipment, were fairly well disciplined.
  • Cette apparition bizarre etait-elle d'un bon ou d'un mauvais augure pour la prosperite des Bricolin?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bizarre | Bizarre Sentence

  • I had a bizarre notion that he was not to be disturbed.
  • Their helmets waved with plumes and bizarre crests.
  • The mere name of the day had a bizarre sound.
  • If set off his slim figure in a rather bizarre way.
  • Nous avions la chance bizarre de faire naufrage sur terre.
  • Voilà qui est bizarre pour un homme de son rang.
  • Was it not here that this most bizarre of adventures had begun?
  • O bizarre suite d'événemens!
  • I could not but be sensible of the bizarre conditions for a love meeting.
  • The perpetual bizarre beauty of the scene was tiring to the youth.
  • There was nothing especially bizarre in the costume that Tom Clark had chosen.
  • And so Losantiville, the dream of a bizarre scholar, became Cincinnati.
  • The bizarre figure of Laurence Sterne (1713-1768) next claims our attention.
  • At ten o'clock the barn was lit up, and strangely bizarre was the result.

Definition of Bizarre

strangely unconventional in style or appearance.
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