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  • One pair of the blackbirds nested in the oak by the side of the house, over the hammock.
  • We used to hunt cottontails over that ground, and shoot blackbirds in the brush.
  • Crocuses bloomed and red-winged blackbirds cried amid the yellowing willows in the bottoms.
  • After a short consultation, the pair of Blackbirds set off on an exploring expedition.
  • The experiments with the Blackbirds and the Whitethroats gave the most interesting results.
  • Stuffed with olives and myrtleberries, the Corsican Blackbirds are exquisite eating.
  • I soon grew strong, and when the crows tried to drive us away, I led the blackbirds to victory.
  • There were two blackbirds sitting on a hill, One named Jack and the other named Jill.
  • Except in the most northerly States Crow Blackbirds stay all winter, like Crows themselves.
  • Woe to the blackbirds that strip the rowan-tree of its berries just when autumn visitors are expected!
  • He turned a rich furrow behind him, and the blackbirds followed in chattering swarms in their hunt for worms.
  • Two miles more, and nothing was in front of her but a flock of ragged blackbirds circling over a trampled wheat-field.
  • He did not reach his destination, for while still in air both blackbirds darted down at him and drove him back faster than he had come.
  • And the mischievous orphan went & got the feet of some real crows and the eyes of real blackbirds and brought them to her.
  • Robins were good to eat, and they were more harmless, than others; but why were blackbirds let loose on earth?
  • I congratulate the nameless shipper who conceived the bright idea of clothing his Blackbirds in paper.
  • The thrushes pecked the blackbirds, and the blackbirds flew at the thrushes, and both beat back the little redbreasts and tomtits.
  • Tommy picking up the cat and stroking its fur mechanically, while he stared out through the kitchen window at rusty blackbirds on the wing ...
  • But after awhile he again went east, taking his pets with him, scattering grains of corn so that the blackbirds would follow him.
  • The air was ringing with songs, the sycamores were noisy with the chatter of blackbirds and bee-birds, and the bushes were full of sparrows.
  • The leaves crackled crisply under his tread, and hungry blackbirds shot out swiftly from the hollies, uttering alarmed cachinnations.
  • Crows and blackbirds are common, but there are very few birds of prey, which are far more numerous in Brazil.
  • He shot into a tree-top full of bickering blackbirds and brought three down, torn, flopping, bleeding.
  • On the bank of the river there was a fine border of tall timber trees, in which the turtle-dove cooed, and flocks of blackbirds were flying about.
  • As the sun shone with intense heat, the birds were all life, twittering on the high trees, where the loquacious blackbirds flew about in companies.
  • We have another set of blackbirds of greater size, commonly known as "crow" blackbirds, but which in the books are called grakles.
  • I had met no one but a few simple labouring folk, and the music I remembered was the whistling of blackbirds and thrushes in the early dawn.
  • I saw blackbirds at this place, and sparrows, and the solitary sandpiper and the Canada woodpecker, and a large number of hummingbirds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blackbirds | Blackbirds Sentence

  • But the blackbirds were not always the aggressors.
  • There were two blackbirds sitting on a hill.
  • Pigeons, quails, and blackbirds abound.
  • All the blackbirds used to sing it when I was young.
  • A great flock of blackbirds lived on the edge of a cornfield.
  • A flock of blackbirds flying up into it was lost among the branches.
  • Both crows and blackbirds are accused of robbing the nests of other birds.
  • And two other blackbirds helped him to break the man-made rule.
  • Hawks pounced upon the chickens, and crows and blackbirds pulled the corn.
  • As the breeding season approaches, hen Blackbirds grow more pugnacious.
  • What a noise those Blackbirds are making!" said Nat.
  • With colder blue; Makes blackbirds hoarse as crows, And poets too.

Definition of Blackbirds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of blackbird | plural of blackbird
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