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  • Bill blackish and very sharp.
  • White on blackish ground.
  • Higgins again sampled the blackish water.
  • Is it a good blackish ferret?
  • They are white on a blackish ground.
  • The root is blackish and spindle-shaped.
  • Melanic: with a blackish suffusion.
  • Eight arrow points of gray and blackish chalcedony.
  • Its surface is blackish with a gray-blue tinge.
  • I leaned over the car and perceived a small blackish mass.
  • Its tail is rusty, mottled with blackish and white.
  • A few heavy strokes, and the implement struck a blackish stratum of soil.
  • Then the colour darkened to a purple, changed to an ominous blackish green.
  • A grayish and blackish colored species, about nine inches long.
  • Above olive-green, beneath yellowish-white, with blackish spots.
  • Iris of the eye silvery, with a blackish upper edge, and a black pupil.
  • The tip of the snout is not blackish on any turtle in the series from Lajitas.
  • Bill blackish and yellowish; legs greenish; claws brown; eyes yellow.
  • Olive Woodpecker: beneath fulvous, with transverse blackish bands.
  • Band of twenty hand-made Swastikas, white, on blackish ground.
  • Female: dull blackish and smaller--not over twelve inches.

How To Use Blackish In A Sentence?

  • Under parts olivaceous yellow, crossed with numerous close bands of blackish brown.
  • This is a peculiar blackish species, with white rump, and chestnut shoulders and thighs.
  • Lower parts light buff or whitish with many dark-brown or blackish bars, best marked on the sides.
  • The whole body is silvery, blackish about the back, eleven inches long and two deep.
  • The plumage of this small Buzzard (length 30 inches) is blackish brown, the naked head being red.
  • It is often called "Scaled Dove" because of the blackish edges of nearly all its feathers.
  • This bird is blackish above and entirely white below, including the sides of the head below the eye.
  • The three to five eggs are pale greenish blue with a few sharp blackish brown specks about the large end.
  • Similar to the preceding species but upper mandible blackish and the gray on throat shading insensibly into the grayish white underparts.
  • I merely saw some blackish object on the bench, rising into view above the level of the back of the seat.
  • The eggs number from three to five and are of a grayish buff color, spotted and blotched with blackish brown.
  • The eggs are bluish white, specked and blotched chiefly about the large end with blackish brown and lilac gray.
  • This may be proved by leaving a silver spoon in mustard; the colour of the spoon will soon be changed to a blackish tinge.
  • The present species is snowy white, more or less barred with blackish brown on the back and wings and with a few marks on the breast.
  • A row of blazons, inclined from right to left, bring out their brilliant color against the blackish tint of the wall.
  • In summer their general plumage is blackish brown, with a white patch around the eye, and white belly.
  • The bases of the guard hairs are grayish, and the amount of pigment gradually increases distally to a dark brownish or blackish shade.
  • The carapace is dark tan having small whitish dots intermixed with a few indistinct, small, blackish specks posteriorly.
  • There, on many of the green vines, were a lot of blackish and yellowish bugs, crawling and eating the leaves.

Definition of Blackish

somewhat black
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