Blades In A Sentence

Definition of Blades

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of blade | plural of blade

How To Use Blades In A Sentence?

  • The eyes were dazzled by the flashing blades as men swung them above their heads.
  • The sword of a virtuous character and upright conduct is sharper than blades of steel.
  • They moved around a large area while they brandished their blades at one another.
  • The yellow grass blades stood up above it like little masts of ships under water.
  • His poetry was diffused, like the grass blades that symbolized for him our democratic masses.
  • A roar from the fleet, the tearing of countless blades on the thole-pins answered them.
  • The blades lie one overlapping the other like the slats of an American window shutter.
  • I fancied I could see the thirsty blades and leaves reach up to drink in the restoring element.
  • Particularly in the second book the very blades of grass and tendrils of the vines seem to be sentient.
  • It was a small affair with stubby wings above which were two helicopter blades revolving at high speed.
  • The two shining blades clashed lightly and quivered against each other in the moonlight like running drops of quicksilver.
  • The stab was to be made with the dagger shut, then the spring touched and the split blades withdrawn.
  • Have you not seen the blades of grass studded with diamonds more beautiful than any that ever flashed in the dazzling light of a ballroom?
  • How could he fire a gun from the bow of his machine without striking the propeller blades as they whirled swiftly about in front of him?
  • The axis on which the propeller blades were fixed could be lifted in order to prevent them from being injured in case of a sudden drop.
  • This moves in a circle much like the blades of the electric fan or the propeller of a motor boat or modern stern ship.
  • But just as the two blades met with a sharp clang, there came stealing through the wood the mellow sound of a distant bell.
  • And in the quiet night he lights his lamp, kindles the forge fire, screws off the blades of the shears once more.
  • It consists of about a dozen blades 8 or 10 inches in length, fastened together side by side with string.
  • He fancied he saw the blades of grass already shooting; he knew they would be there in a matter of twenty-four hours.
  • Bunches of pale hill-side blossoms, ferns, and a few blades of corn, are thrust in between the bars.
  • This style of blade is the most used in warfare, and the smaller, lighter blades are considered better for this purpose than the heavier ones.
  • I stopped to see how the green blades danced in its light, how the sunshine fell down the sloping, bank across the stream below.
  • Two-bladed beaters revolve from 1200 to 1500 times per minute; those with three blades from 900 to 1000 times per minute.
  • The valley lay in a light, thin haze, the dew hung on millions of blades of grass, the air was sweet with the purity of the morning.
  • A flash of sunshine called to her voice; the beads of water, trembling upon the blades of grass after a summer shower, brought a song to her lips.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blades | Blades Sentence

  • Sophy heard the blades meet.
  • All the grass blades are long and narrow.
  • Joe ran his eyes over the blades carefully.
  • A hundred blades flashed simultaneously over his head.
  • The crew of the cutter dropped their blades into the water.
  • The outside blades were sharp on their outer edge.
  • We raised our swords and the blades clashed together.
  • These blades range from 4 to 12 or 14 inches in length.
  • There are four styles of spear blades made by Baliwang.
  • We saw the mirror-like flash of the blades in the morning sun.
  • The blades show a slight sickle-like curve and are of the highest workmanship.
  • A frantic uproar greeted his words, and blades flashed in ominous manner.
  • Hentzi's own Sheffield blades were at his disposal.
  • In the sky, on the air, in the blades of grass were signs of awakening life.

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