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  • And who blames her for that?
  • Who blames his tools?
  • Alison blames me for everything.
  • A coward blames the gods.
  • What kind of a workman blames his tools?
  • A man always blames the woman who fools him.
  • Who blames what frantic Pain must do?
  • No one blames you, Syrus!
  • But he blames others less known for carrying it out to an extreme finish.
  • He blames you--you blame yourself.
  • He blames his uncle for ---- of his misfortune.
  • Of course everybody blames her; they always do, the woman pays," said Vincent.

How To Use Blames In A Sentence?

  • Loving the children too much to blame them, she must blame some one, and blames him.
  • A drunken man sees the whole world go around, and blames it, for its unsteadiness.
  • But no news ever came, and I never wrote to him, for which my wife still blames me exceedingly.
  • And she blames me so for marrying your poor father, Carrie; as if I could help that now.
  • He blames me for having permitted you to enter the city before consulting the priests at his capital.
  • One does not quarrel with one who neither loves nor blames nor is stupid or too anxious to show cleverness.
  • Each looks to the others when decisions are being made, and blames the others when success is not forthcoming.
  • At times one of them blames the royal officials, and some of the people blame them all, opinions being divided.
  • And he has failed enough to my loss and his own, for he blames himself so much that he cannot lift his eyes in Bologna.
  • You, Kenny, are so anxious to square yourself that you make him nervous and he fumes and blames himself.
  • Indeed, the more he blames Rossini, the more he calls attention to what are now recognised as his chief merits.
  • He blames all excessive painting and ornament, as much as Virgil could have done had he written a dissertation on this species of poetry.
  • Then, this herald, standing in the street before all the people, praises the dead for all his good deeds, and blames for some of his bad ones.
  • He blames the Council of State for not having brought the prisoners to trial before, and bids this be done immediately.
  • The Colonel justly blames the chalk, removes the pet-dog of the battalion from his path with his foot, and makes for the scoring-board.
  • And, as soon as the past grows glamorous, the present day grows dull; always because one must blame something, one blames the other.
  • He who blames the supreme certainty of mathematics feeds on confusion and will never be able to silence the contradictions or sophistical sciences which lead to an everlasting clamour.
  • He hurried away, as a man who blames himself for the loss of valuable time; and Marianna, somewhat embarrassed, prepared to follow him.
  • He who blames painting blames nature, because the works of the painter represent the works of nature, and for this reason he who blames in this fashion lacks feeling.
  • When we come to consider those years of torture which cruel nature holds in store for some, no one blames the sight of the moral wreck it is apt to make of the sufferer.
  • He frequently blames his own countrymen for their want of gratitude to their benefactor, who has heaped favours upon them at the expense of the Aulad-belad.
  • So complete was their discomfiture, that De Comines gravely blames the want of military genius and adventure in the French host.

Definition of Blames

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of blame
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