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  • She smiles blandly on the terrible old maid.
  • The manager smiled blandly and did not eject the man.
  • Thrush blinked blandly through his port-hole glasses.
  • The calm passionless face smiled blandly at the tiny dog.
  • He turned blandly to Luna.
  • The Vicomte was blandly indifferent.
  • Edward Henry blandly suggested.
  • Mr Bunker looked blandly through him and walked on.
  • Mr. Winthrop blandly inquired.
  • Then you blandly say ALSO, and load up again.
  • Charlie's smile was blandly disarming.
  • So there we are," he blandly smiled.
  • The president's smile was blandly genial.
  • The cattle behind the bull stared blandly at the invaders of their domain.
  • The shrewd Yorkshire eyes which regarded him were blandly uncurious.
  • From the first I had doubted him; he was so blandly plausible.
  • They appealed to the chair: the Speaker blandly pronounced that the hon.
  • He spun around and met Psmith's blandly inquiring gaze.
  • He spun round and met Psmith's blandly inquiring gaze.
  • He leaned back in his chair, surveying Billy blandly through his eye-glass.
  • Having listened so far, the Cherub turned blandly to Carmona.
  • Meantime Mr. Rae was blandly assisting Miss Brodie out of her dilemma.

How To Use Blandly In A Sentence?

  • But the bearded stranger gazed blandly out of the window at the passing landscape.
  • The great pianist smiled blandly and accepted the suggestion with evident satisfaction.
  • Do not smile so blandly on me, both of you, and attend me with such false tenderness.
  • He was a fool who liked popularity, and he blandly fancied that everyone admired him.
  • And at the same time the affable police officer drew nearer, smiling more blandly than ever.
  • Round and white it went sailing blandly over the eternal monotony of desert....
  • Very blandly did the good wife of the vicar greet them, yet with business-like condescension.
  • And into the room strode a blandly smiling Chinese, magnificent in gold and blue and red.
  • The famous author rose, however, blandly and swung his body round to Dr. Kenyon.
  • Then he gave himself up to those feelings of self-approval that come blandly to souls engaged upon virtuous works.
  • His eyes were gray and cold; his expression one of determination and blandly assertive selfishness.
  • The attendant did not understand, but smiled blandly and continued to bathe his face and also his head.
  • Malone had blandly told them that they were being deported, instead of tried, because there was no evidence that was worth the expense of a trial.
  • I coughed to cover up the exclamation of disbelief that rose to my lips and remarked blandly that two thousand years was certainly a long time.
  • Three indignant pairs of eyes focussed themselves upon the speaker, who, however, looked blandly unconscious of giving offence.
  • He was blandly received by the commander, as every official or visitor was, and the conversation was carried on in English.
  • It was not that he became openly insolent, but what was harder for Garth to deal with, he was blandly and blankly indifferent to the whites.
  • Pertinaciously and blandly she insisted to the doctor that Frau Lippheim was now quite well enough to make a short sea voyage.

Definition of Blandly

In a bland manner.
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