Blankly In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blankly | Blankly Sentence

  • Peter gazed blankly at her.
  • They turned blankly to each other.
  • She looked blankly at him.
  • Everybody looked blankly at him.
  • The curate looked blankly before him.
  • He stared blankly at the girl before him.
  • She left him gazing blankly after her.
  • Penny gazed blankly at her father.
  • He looked blankly at the judge.
  • I stared blankly in the doorway.
  • Her husband looked blankly at her.
  • She stared blankly through her tears.
  • Mother and son looked blankly at each other.
  • He looked blankly into her face.
  • He stared blankly for a moment.
  • Then they stared blankly at the place where it had been.
  • I blankly shook my head.
  • The three cadets stared blankly at each other.
  • She was as blankly hurt as a slapped child.
  • The girl turned and looked up blankly at him.
  • The man on the bench stared blankly at her.
  • Meg looked blankly in the direction of the speaker.
  • Nesta stood blankly wondering for a moment.
  • He only stared blankly at me and shook his head.
  • Howard stood blankly staring at the group.
  • The two left outside stare blankly at each other.
  • Harry was bewildered, and stared blankly at her.
  • For the inevitable future stared him blankly in the face.
  • It was more than incredible; it was blankly unthinkable.
  • Linton stared blankly across the school grounds.
  • Andrew stared blankly at him, moistening his lips.
  • The two girls looked blankly at one another.
  • He stopped short, gazing blankly into the darkness.
  • He looked at it closer, then stared blankly at the floor.
  • Nikolai stared blankly at Archie.

How To Use Blankly In A Sentence?

  • Little Jim gazed blankly at his father.
  • Evelyn stood staring blankly at Grace.
  • And Mackintavers stared blankly at the mantel.
  • Once in the street, however, he looked blankly around.
  • Mr. Jarvis looked blankly incredulous.

Definition of Blankly

in a blank manner, especially showing no emotion or expression
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