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  • After that there was blare upon blare.
  • They bray and blare at the burning sky.
  • His shout was like the blare of a bull.
  • The blare of a horn announced the time of departure.
  • From the driveway sounded the blare of an auto horn.
  • The blare of what was full daylight hurt my eyes.
  • From the cavalry barracks comes the blare of bugles.
  • The blare of the heavens made objects below quite visible.
  • Then the sudden blare of a trumpet made me start and quiver.
  • Raleigh blew his trumpets upon them in a great blare of defiance.
  • She stood and waved her hand at him as he rode away in the blare of sunlight.
  • There burst out a blare of confusion, amazed cries, shouts of terror.
  • Like the blare of trumpet sounding, Over vale and forest ringing.

How To Use Blare In A Sentence?

  • In the blaze of light and blare of instruments she scarcely recognized her workaday environment.
  • Why did the alarm systems blare automatically, without any human being noticing?
  • The blare of trumpets heralded the arrival of dishes, which were generally simple.
  • The enormous size of the levity gets on his nerves, like the glare and blare of Bank Holiday.
  • He was now the "most Christian King," welcomed with blaze of bonfires and the blare of trumpets.
  • From the blare of that triumphal bourdon of brass instruments emerge the delicate voices of violin and clarinette.
  • He did this without fear, for he knew that the blare of the multitude would drown the cries of the stricken few.
  • From the terrace before the house came the blare of the bugle sounding the officers' mess call.
  • No silken banners have waved above it, and no blare of trumpet or beat of drum has heralded its progress.
  • The blare of the thousand trumpets, the acclamations of a vast multitude proclaimed the thing done!
  • When the blare of brass ceased, the mechanical part of the spectacle held the stage for a few brief minutes.
  • They could hear the music of the band aboard, until now drowned out by hoarse blare of the fog whistle.
  • The children pricked their ears at the sudden blare of a tin trumpet, the squeaking of a mechanical doll.
  • The next moment the silence was broken by the loud blare of a trumpet, and a gun was fired from the gate tower.
  • Dil was simply bewildered with the lights, the blare of the second-rate orchestra, and the crowds of people.
  • The rush of the campaign was substituting excitement for inquiry, blare of brass bands and smoke of gunpowder for intelligent criticism.
  • Then through the terrific boom came the discordant blare of a megaphone, faint at first but swiftly overbearing the noise of the tempest.
  • A blare of bugles shrilled from the road, and from far off rose a roar of cheering, sweeping nearer and nearer.
  • The blare sometimes continued until the small hours of the morning, keeping not only the unfortunate curĂ©, but the whole village awake.
  • In a blare and confusion of noises, like bedlam broken loose, what chance has a child to develop good taste?
  • Out from the dusk of the quiet evening came suddenly the blare of a trumpet, blown from Volseni by a favoring breeze.
  • The Athenians were radiantly willing, without any cosmical preparation or blare of moral resolve, to let the constellations stay where they are.
  • Then the blare and pipe of a military band came up from the Piazza di Venezia and the maskers crowded in among the carriages.
  • A Cubist painting is, let us say, like the momentary blare of a hundred musical instruments all of which play consecutive bars.
  • All at once the blare of trumpets and beating of drums was heard without, and out of the neighbouring barracks came squadrons of infantry and cavalry.
  • The blare was the loudest noise I thought I had ever heard, ripping up the silence like a jagged knife.
  • A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums; And loyal hearts are beating high: Hats off!

Definition of Blare

(intransitive) To make a loud sound. | (transitive) To cause to sound like the blare of a trumpet; to proclaim loudly. | A loud sound.
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