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  • Bands blared and crashed.
  • It blared a new note.
  • The band blared out again with renewed vigour.
  • The house was asleep and a calf blared from the barn.
  • The French horns blared and the timpani crashed.
  • A trumpet, slightly off-key, blared a triumphal salute.
  • The night noises of the forest blared strangely in his ears.
  • No discordant hoot blared from the syren, no navigation lights were shown.
  • The screen lighted, flickered, and steadied, and the trumpets blared again.
  • A ship's band blared rag-time and horn-pipes all night long.

How To Use Blared In A Sentence?

  • At the same moment a bugle blared above and there came the hoarse sounds of commands.
  • For eight hours the whir of the motor and the tearing sound of the wind blared in his ears.
  • Tim Brimm and the bugles of Harlem blared in the little streets of Maron in far Lorraine.
  • Music blared from the hills to the buttes, and far off over the sea to the islands and down, deep into the distant valleys.
  • Trumpets blared a fan-fa-rade and lines of soldiers gave forth inspiriting sounds, with many musical instruments.
  • But or ever he might smite, the great horn blared out over the tumult, and men forbore a while and fell somewhat silent.
  • My surprise left me on the following Sunday when the same paper blared forth an article by Horatio Bottomley.
  • But not a chief was there in all that crowd who did not partake of the flesh of his late queen, while horn trumpets blared and war tom-toms were wildly beaten.
  • Once more the unseen trumpets blared out, and then the Court seated itself, and Queen Sorais motioned to us to do likewise.

Definition of Blared

simple past tense and past participle of blare
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