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  • There was a blaring of trumpets.
  • Australian bugles blaring away inside those walls!
  • There was a sudden angry and loud voice blaring from the entrance to the room.
  • Came a sudden blaring of trumpets and a body of horse swept toward them.
  • Through the tumult, the blaring horns thrilled like pulse-beats.
  • The blaring insolence of the fellow's tone set his blood surging.

How To Use Blaring In A Sentence?

  • Through the port he could see the big ship blaring fire in a much tighter turn.
  • And none of these means were superfluous to stifle the fire of war then blaring in the West.
  • The first band was now blaring out its "Pull for the Shore, Sailor," with full force.
  • Steendard!' and a brass band was blaring out its saddest strain of merry dance-music.
  • The long arms of the shoring stanchions smote the walls in a kind of terrific anvil chorus to the blaring orchestra of the tempest.
  • Pounding sounds could be heard echoing throughout the mansion, followed by the blaring twangs of the electrophoric guns.
  • The circus procession had come to a halt, with the exception of the forward band, which was blaring away far down the street.
  • The screaming outside had ceased, but the whir and whine were still going on, and the blaring light was toned by the dust-filled air.
  • On the seventh day they all started, amidst thunderous salutes from the ramparts of the city, and much dust, and cheering, and blaring of trumpets.
  • From the blaring blast at her ear, the sound was drawn out on either side of her as fine as silver wire, far, far away toward the hills.
  • To-day, too, trumpets are again blaring fiercely, and more and more troops can be seen moving if one looks down from the Tartar Wall.
  • Unheard were the blaring of bands, and the raucous cry of the "Hot-Dog man," and the riot and roar of the rabble.
  • It makes a dry blaring noise which is unmistakable, and in view of the fact that it may be the preliminary to the loss of the boat, it interests all hands very intimately.
  • But what purpose, musical or other, is subserved by arbitrarily allying a musical phrase to a personage or an idea and blaring it out whenever that personage or idea comes to the front?

Definition of Blaring

present participle of blare | Any loud noise, such as from an elephant.
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