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  • What blasphemy this was!
  • And yet there was no blasphemy about it.
  • Hitherto it had been blasphemy to think.
  • Treason and blasphemy you speak all in one.
  • This was called blasphemy and witchcraft.
  • It seemed to him a blasphemy even to stand there by her.
  • Yet it is blasphemy to say that god changes his purpose.
  • It was the useless, raving blasphemy of a weakling.
  • It is blasphemy to deny it; it is madness to believe it.
  • The impious blasphemy of Inchanters.
  • It is blasphemy to deny the fable of the Fall.
  • The blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven.
  • This is nothing less than blasphemy against St. Paul.
  • It is blasphemy to deny that all these contradictions are true.
  • For me to write it down here smacks of blasphemy and impiety.
  • This blasphemy is an abomination that no words of mine can describe.
  • An attempt to exclude him on charges of atheism and blasphemy failed.
  • Don't be alarmed and accuse me of blasphemy or sacrilege.
  • And it is actually blasphemy to deny any detail of this absurd story.
  • Yet it is equally blasphemy to deny that the dead have hope of resurrection.
  • Yet it is blasphemy to deny that this great wickedness was god-inspired.
  • I marched through a torrent of cursing and blasphemy to my station, viz.
  • One of the versions must be inaccurate, yet it is blasphemy to deny either.
  • It is therefore blasphemy to say that there is any "hope" for the dead.
  • The dominant characteristic always has been blasphemy of God.
  • Woolston was convicted on four counts of blasphemy on 4 March 1729.
  • As Jeb recalled these utterances, their blasphemy made him cringe.
  • M. de la Tourelle answered with a grim blasphemy and a fearful threat.

How To Use Blasphemy In A Sentence?

  • What was the difference between acknowledging a blasphemy by a signature or by incense?
  • With curses and blasphemy the crowd hurled itself down the stairs to the floor below.
  • If such a being existed would it not rather be blasphemy to ascribe such directions to him?
  • And it is blasphemy to deny the truth of this unintelligible jargon of absurdities.
  • And that blasphemy pained me the more since it came from the lips of my father.
  • Blasphemy is an artistic effect, because blasphemy depends upon a philosophical conviction.
  • How the ribaldry and valiant, stupid blasphemy rang out in these tumbling-down shanties!
  • Now, is it not a downright blasphemy to turn thus a holy evangelist into a perfect idolater?
  • And they heard groans, and a dull, passionless voice that spoke words of blasphemy and obscenity.
  • It is blasphemy to deny that Hagar carried this big baby, and threw him about like a toy.
  • No human being can take the place of God to another life; it is an acted blasphemy to attempt it.
  • But all this is blasphemy against the great god Progress and heresy to the gospel of Success.

Definition of Blasphemy

Irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable. | The act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for any religion's deity or deities. | The act of claiming the attributes of a deity.
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