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  • In eager blasts of hate.
  • They hissed fierce blasts to and fro.
  • Cold rain chilled him and warm blasts oppressed him.
  • That which blasts part, blasts all.
  • The first cold blasts of winter howled down upon us.
  • What blasts of Bantu melody?
  • A voice is resounding Like blasts of a trumpet.
  • Another and another followed swiftly until six of the blasts had occurred.
  • He sounded two long whistle blasts as a signal to throw off brakes.
  • When the blasts come like that I want to crouch down and hide me.
  • He had got to be got away from the cold fall blasts of Jonesville to once.
  • But, my friend, such blasts of hatred are too German to be acceptable.
  • The Melbourne people call these burning blasts the "brick-fielders.

How To Use Blasts In A Sentence?

  • Drop by drop is instilled into the mind the poison which blasts many a precious life.
  • Wild, oh wilder than winter blasts my wet skies shriek when the winds are freed.
  • Sometimes these violent blasts occur in the Alps, but from a very different cause.
  • Soon, several more blasts were heard and Mingo fell dead, along with his brother.
  • Throughout the camp the drums sonorous beat, With bellowing horns and blasts of trumpet clear.
  • That knows no ruder hands than clematis, No louder blasts than blowing April airs.
  • Then they went on, and we knew we should see no more of them until the first blasts of winter brought them south again.
  • Like it, when every word she uttered stripped him of the selfish illusions in which he had wrapped himself against the blasts of ill-fortune?
  • Who wears it will be ever safe from icy blasts and snow and cold and will be ever young and fair as on the day they wore it first.
  • Reading bibles will not protect him from the blasts of winter, but houses, fires, and clothing will.
  • Their cries, and their rude blasts on the buffalo horn, which is a usual part of their equipment, are most obnoxious.
  • However spiritual he may have become, there is still enough of the carnal to feel the chills of winter, and the chiller blasts of satire.
  • Mortal blasts have beset the everlasting candle, and the beauty of the celestial Youth is veiled in the darkness of dust.
  • Its blasts pursued us even into the recesses of the dingy wooden hall we took our ears into, vainly trying to carry them somewhere out of range.
  • I walked up to the railway station caring as little for the cold blasts of wind as though I had been going to the scaffold.
  • Slowly the blasts diminished; the pressure relaxed; gradually the sense of falling passed away, and with this there came a glimpse of light.
  • With clear, keen, incisive force, the terrible blasts seemed to penetrate through an through our bodies, as though we were but filmy gauze.
  • But pray tell me, fearless maiden, how these icy blasts you dare To confront in such strange clothing?
  • As a result, Neils became confused regarding the exact number of blasts from the siren of a river steamer desiring to pass him to port.
  • Now came the regal blasts for Parsifal, and often and through it all, the splendid music of the Grail itself.
  • He had better have a sea-cook for his mother, or a gun, Than one who, being splendid, blasts the future of her son.
  • When the cattle were exposed to all the blasts of winter, it took all the corn and oats that could be stuffed into them to prevent actual starvation.
  • The Boreas of criticism blew his hardest blasts of misrepresentation and ridicule for some years, and I was even as one of the wicked.
  • These were so formed and inclosed in skins as to protect the occupants from the cold blasts of air which must have circulated about in the interior of the lodge during certain seasons of the year.
  • Nothing but the most fixed and rooted faith, or the most blind and unquestioning submission, can withstand the fearful blasts and dark impulses of such a system.
  • Few lights were twinkling in the winding old-fashioned streets; but the near vicinity of ocean was felt uncomfortably in harsh blasts and whistling sounds.
  • The only flower or shrub in all that once blooming lawn which remained unshorn of its beauty by the bitter hyperborean blasts was the Macleod thistle.

Definition of Blasts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of blast | plural of blast
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