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How To Use Bleak In A Sentence?

  • These signs of life on bleak mountain ridges are highly interesting and suggestive.
  • He well knew how desolate his poor wife would be in this bleak world without him.
  • The right bank of the valley was beautifully undulated, but the left was bleak and bare.
  • He pulled a bleak flop of felt from his tangled hair in an over-accentuated bow of welcome.
  • It was chill and bleak on the mountain-top, and a fire was burning in the bar-room.
  • Here there are respectable farmers, though it is a rough, and must be a bleak place.
  • The higher grounds are bleak and sterile, but the warmth and fertility of the valleys make amends.
  • The men behind these bald, bleak doors are tireless workers as well as seers and sages.
  • Kapap itself looked a bleak dismal spot, lying all in the clouds at the end of a long dark lake.
  • Mary Dunbar drew her hand away, and walked two or three times up and down the bare, bleak room.
  • The coast swept wild and bleak in the cold December day, and Sam shivered in his thin garments.
  • He could recall the desolation of the scene: bleak Winter dripping tears upon the tomb of Summer.
  • The clearance was like a sudden gap or great bleak opening through which there blew upon them a deadly chill.
  • In his immediate vicinity the street was lined with tall bleak fronts of jobbing houses, all dark and all shuttered.
  • A solitary cabin or two stood in the midst of the wild, bleak plain, and by these she paused for a few minutes.
  • Around this bay the hillside is bleak and barren, but there are traces of former habitation in a weather-beaten cabin and deserted corral.
  • It is a belt of country from twenty to thirty miles wide, bleak and wild, and but sparsely settled.
  • On the 8th the hills upon the left wore a bleak appearance, and the few trees upon them were cut down as if by the prevailing winds.
  • She hurried out into the bleak world which was her home, and, at that moment, it looked very fair and new.
  • At length they alighted on a vast plain, half of which was rich and fertile, while the other half was bleak and arid as a desert.
  • She wanted to go away by herself, preferably to some bleak northern moor, and there study mathematics and the science of astronomy.
  • Left alone by her father, the girl wandered across the bleak fields to the edge of the forest, where she sat down under a fir-tree and wept.
  • On the opposite shore immense bare, bleak hills raise their wind-swept heads seven hundred feet above the river level.
  • As there was no greenroom in the Westervelt, the reading took place on the open stage, which was bleak and draughty.
  • Peshawur, when they reached it at last, looked dusty and bleak in the comfortless light of Northern dawn.
  • It was a large, bleak room divided midway by a grille, on the inner side of which sat a lay-sister, knitting.
  • It was now the saddest time of all the year; the bleak east wind went wailing overhead; and underneath, the soil was black with frost.
  • Reaching a small cluster of stunted and gnarled pines, they pressed through it and emerged on a great, bleak hillside, almost bare of vegetation.
  • They have lifted him up, but his head sinks away, And his face showeth bleak in the sunshine and grey.
  • In some mysterious way, through some hitherto unknown sense, he was aware of a long, rugged face, with bleak and knobby brow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bleak | Bleak Sentence

  • How bleak and wretched it all was!
  • She might not have believed but for the bleak tint of his skin.
  • Nothing could look more bleak and melancholy while the storm continued.
  • We are all feeling very bleak and despoiled, aren't we?
  • I'll bring it at the black, bleak hour of twelve!
  • Above the bleak line of the horizon the sun hung, a red gold disk.
  • Out to the barren, bleak hillside Rough hands bear it with scorn and jest.
  • What a sharp bleak wind!" said Agatha, shivering.
  • Such is the place that I live in, Bleak without and bare within.
  • And bleak December's winds ensuin' Baith snell and keen!

Definition of Bleak

Without color; pale; pallid. | Desolate and exposed; swept by cold winds. | Unhappy; cheerless; miserable; emotionally desolate.
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