Blends in a sentence

Definition of Blends

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of blend | plural of blend

How to use Blends in a Sentence?

  • As one cocoon takes the place of another its filament blends unnoticed in the thread.
  • Consent to that sweet reciprocation, which blends felicity with every care of life!
  • Olives rival pimientos for such mildly piquant blends that just suit the bland American taste.
  • This enervating fear blends into every thought I have, whether sleeping or waking.
  • It blends with frankincense and myrrh in the censers of Greek and Roman Catholic churches.
  • For they were all memories, or blends of memories, that now rose here on the horizon of his consciousness.
  • Shades and colors and tints and tones there are, and blends indescribable and also impossible to analyze or trace.
  • Even the living frigate bird blends the early joints of the backbone into a compact mass like a sacrum.
  • Its petals have the delicate satin texture of the poppy; and their showy orange or scarlet blends suddenly at the center into a deep maroon.
  • The occludent margin is curved, and blends by a regular sweep into the carinal margin, so that there is no acute upper angle.
  • Their sound discretion never failed; and they displayed that rare balance which blends quiet repose of mind with resistless energy.
  • And to the south, there where fiery sea blends and merges with fiery sky, a tiny black speck has just come into view.
  • A little later it begins its soft little sawing song, which blends so well with the perpetual, monotonous whispering of the reeds.
  • The prophet always foreshortens his revelation, and generally blends the city of God with a vision of his own country transfigured.
  • You simply request him to deliver the water he usually blends with the milk in a separate vessel, which, of course, you are glad to provide.
  • The low of herds Blends with the rustling of the heavy grain Over the dark brown furrows.
  • With what renewed embracement vine clasps vine, Fir blends its boughs with fir, and pine with pine.
  • The odour of coal tar is considerably modified by and blends well with a perfume containing oils of cassia, lavender, spike, and red thyme.
  • At its western end it blends into the Marsh of Mists (I) and the Marsh of Putrefaction (K).
  • As o'er a boundless plain; He sees the future as the past, And blends them in his strain.
  • That bravery remained with him to the last, and with it was mingled the simplicity which so frequently and so beautifully blends with the intellectuality that seems to belong to a higher world than this.
  • So that the spiritual manifestation of God to us is that whereby He blends Himself with the soul of man.
  • His immortal verse Blends with his god-like deeds, a double spell To bind the coming age he loved too well!
  • The latter blends at so many points with medieval literature of the monastic kind, that it is chiefly distinguished by boldness of censure and sincerity of invective.
  • It allows its Zionism to be pervaded, to a certain extent, by Messianic reminiscences, and blends it with religious emotions.
  • She arrests the attention of her readers by the subjects of her stories, by the interest which she skilfully blends in them, and by the simple and natural language in which she relates them.
  • The chameleon blends perfectly into the brown and green foliage of its native habitat and even the marvelously keen eyes of its natural enemies are unable to detect its presence.
  • The girls and boys delighted, And, while the lute blends with the flute, Shall tender loves be blighted.
  • This is the ultimate ground of atheistic unbelief, and here the Skeptical unites and blends with the Dogmatic form of Infidelity.
  • Earth and Heaven are combined, in thy full dulcet tone; North and south pour the nectar thy throat blends in one!
  • I visited of course the churches, the interiors of which are mostly of a sombre grey, that blends with a lighter shade of the same colour, and with white.
  • As slang blends in one direction with genuine poetry, in another it sinks into the base jargon invented by evil-doers for the disguise of their intercourse and concealment of their purposes.
  • Every square inch is covered with fresco or rich wood-work mellowed by time into that harmony of tints which blends the work of greater and lesser artists in one golden hue of brown.

Short Example Sentence for Blends

  • Her sentiment blends with the poetry of the ruins around.
  • Rotary tilling only blends amendments into the top 6 or 7 inches of soil.
  • He blends the strong with the tender, in natural and sweet proportions.
  • The symphysis, which completely blends the rami of the jaw, is short.
  • And while the lute blends with the flute Shall tender loves be plighted.
  • The Clignon valley becomes less rugged and gradually blends with the plateau.
  • Some star, be that star what it may, blends my fate with yours (45-51).

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