Blessed in a sentence

Definition of Blessed

Having divine aid, or protection, or other blessing. | (Roman Catholicism) A title indicating the beatification of a person, thus allowing public veneration of those who have lived in sanctity or died as martyrs. | Held in veneration; revered.

How to use Blessed in a Sentence?

  • After all, the blessed apathy within him was giving way and going to play him false!
  • Truly "the quiet ones," blessed with the peace of those who resign their wills to the will of God.
  • Brook blessed his son and Lloyd then stretched his hand to Dearborne to approach him and take it.
  • He blessed it again when the man with an oath and a snarl picked up a handbill that had dropped on the floor.
  • It had never been opened from the day that the house was built, but it seemed a blessed refuge for me now.
  • They slept under the breezy, starry sky and were blessed with peaceful dreams that put them both apart from hate and struggle.
  • He was at his best when describing his most successful corset fitter, a damsel blessed apparently both with a slim waist and a strong arm.
  • The idea that he himself has done anything to bring about this blessed state of affairs is utterly foreign to this faith in Christ.
  • Between the blessed ledge and the towering mountains over the way, rolls a small valley, caressed on either side by the lakes.
  • Those harmonious dreams were fleeting, yet blessed moments of comfort given them by the love of God.
  • Oh, what a marvellous power have the words of the blessed Bible to prove their own heavenly origin in circumstances like these!
  • I blessed the happy sunshine of that 27th of May, which in a strange way had been the clue that led to my knowledge of her.
  • And as the tears came into the boy's eyes, the blessed weeping came at last to Hester.
  • The beauty of this child was withered away from her, since that fortnight ago, when Manguino blessed her with his favour.
  • I anticipated the heavenly evenings I should pass in wandering with Bianca by the light of that blessed moon.
  • The outlook was not reassuring, and Bert blessed the caution that had impelled him to "hasten slowly" in approaching the cabin.
  • When he had come in sight of the city, he had fallen on his face like the crusaders in sight of Jerusalem, and had fervently blessed that moment.
  • They should not have found it necessary to be worried about that, for the poor beggars were looking more for their blessed bread to drive away their hunger.
  • Spite of all the burdens that weighed upon me, I was the most blessed among women, and God is wise and just.
  • Had he chosen a contemporary hero or one less blessed with celestial relatives there is no reason to suppose that he would have employed the super-human personages at all.
  • The fiery liquid burnt her throat and brought the tears to her eyes, but she endured it willingly for the sake of the blessed relief that always followed.

Short Example Sentence for Blessed

  • She blessed the inventor of the circle.
  • And see how they have helped and blessed and guided me!
  • He was blessed with everything a mortal could desire.
  • We prayed that you may soon be blessed with many sons.
  • He blessed Heaven that it was uncrumpled.
  • O blessed climate of Crete!
  • They were all, but she blessed God for them.
  • O blessed Well of Love!
  • I have but obeyed our Blessed Lord and His holy Saints.
  • And thus we let the blessed sunlight into all the shuttered rooms.
  • Mustn't offend these blessed Royalties.
  • Val blessed her often in the spring months she and Bran passed there.
  • And in a blessed ship of Heaven Were sailing to its shore.
  • And God hath blessed him every where With a great prosperity.
  • The man looked upon Hickory Dock as an exceedingly blessed toy.
  • She would not even repent on her death-bed and receive the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Lady Oldfield read from the blessed Book the parable of the Prodigal Son.
  • That man is blessed who has such a friend," said the young man, earnestly.
  • Within his sister's consecrated fane The blessed hand of aid.

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