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  • But blessedly help hither.
  • This makes all so blessedly clear.
  • This may seem strong, but it is blessedly true.
  • His Name is blessedly linked with these feasts.
  • It is not merely that his sins are blotted out; that is blessedly true.
  • My opinion, you must remember, is of blessedly little importance.

How To Use Blessedly In A Sentence?

  • It was just that time of year, and just the day, in which spring seems most visibly and blessedly coming.
  • When they emerged at last from the shadow of the chestnut-trees and the brake blessedly was released, it was accomplished evening.
  • This is a sensation which moderns have blessedly forgotten, like the old primitive fear of darkness or of thunder.
  • All this is blessedly true; but does it not still hold good that the inspired writers use the word "perfect" in various ways?
  • All this is most blessedly true: but still there is this latent fear or dread of God, and a shrinking from death.
  • All the best that the city stands for of human life, and all the best that the country, typified in the garden, stands for, are forever blessedly joined.

Definition of Blessedly

In a blessed or holy manner. | happily, joyfully; fortunately.
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