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  • Jenny Bligh was neither imaginative nor susceptible to sound, but it drew her out of herself.
  • Bligh constructed a pair of scales of two cocoa-nut shells, using pistol-balls for weights.
  • Would a man go three times with a commander such as Bligh has been described by his enemies?
  • Bligh was not genteel by birth or money, therefore Bligh was no better than himself.
  • Christian then proceeded to secure Lieutenant Bligh, the master, gunner, and botanist.
  • Bligh and the remainder of his men secured passages home, and arrived in England in March, 1790.
  • In the passage to Otaheite, Captain Bligh had several disturbances with his men.
  • Peter Bligh was sitting on a chair, swearing, I fear, as much as he was coughing.
  • Peter Bligh had fallen headlong by the gate of the bungalow, and Seth Barker was about raving.
  • Bligh complained that many of his papers had been stolen, and the want of these was detrimental to his case.

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  • Bligh himself, in his journal, alludes to this feeling.
  • Bligh, there is no doubt, did the right thing at this time.
  • Peter Bligh shut up his glass with a snap.
  • But he was well enough to continue plotting against Bligh.
  • In 1808 came the Bligh episode, yet to be described.
  • I see Peter Bligh stumbling after him.
  • I spoke a warning word to Peter Bligh.
  • I knew the truth even before Mister Bligh named it.
  • It is no wonder Lady Belcher was no admirer of Bligh.
  • Peter Bligh and Dolly Venn go up with me to work the gun.
  • Peter Bligh said, "Ah," and struck a match.
  • Nutting, Mary, letter from, on Captain Bligh, 248-250.
  • West, Dr., extract from, on Governor Bligh, 274.
  • Bligh was compelled to follow, and she was then dropped astern.
  • The captain was Captain (afterwards Admiral) W. Bligh.
  • Mrs. Bligh.
  • Bligh, Captain.
  • Peter Bligh took out a pipe from his pocket and was not forbidden to light it.
  • Now, why did this fellow consider himself as good a man as Bligh?
  • And now to follow the fortunes of Lieutenant Bligh and his companions.
  • And to this something Peter Bligh was the first to call our attention.
  • He had an air like a thin-man's Captain Bligh.
  • Bligh arrived in England on March 14th, and received much sympathy.
  • We answered him all together, though Peter Bligh was the first he heard.
  • Now, Peter Bligh sat up as stiff as a board and answered directly.
  • Says Bligh, "I thereupon gave him a good beating.
  • Mingling with her agony of pity, a thrill, ran through Jenny Bligh at this.
  • Do you, Seth Barker, lift the doctor, and let Peter Bligh follow after.
  • It did not trouble Peter Bligh or Seth Barker that night, I witness.
  • They said, "Aye, aye," to it, and Peter Bligh put in a word of his humour.
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