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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blight | Blight Sentence

  • Some blight or insect?
  • Suffering had thrown a blight upon it.
  • A breath may blight it.
  • Tranmore felt a blight in the air.
  • They were now feeling the bitter blight of war.
  • She let these withering observations blight him.
  • There seemed to be no canker nor blight on anything.
  • It will be a cruel blight upon us all.
  • My life hath known both blight and bloom.
  • Their very breath cast a blight upon everything.
  • We know that several species resist the blight very well.
  • It is her death-doom, blight upon her seed.
  • Washington, blight on Washington.
  • Lord Blight shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
  • The blight of Sunday was almost intolerable near the town.
  • To escape the blight of the black-list I changed my name.
  • It's a blight from which I can't escape.
  • They were all infected with the Chestnut Blight disease.
  • The Countess of Blight moved sadly from the room.
  • What evil pest, What blight is eating thine old age!
  • Has Feathers of the Sun put a blight upon the hens?
  • Lost Siberia doth reveal Only blight and death.
  • The Chestnut Blight in Italy.
  • For he saw at a glance that the country was under the blight of drought.
  • I have a number of hybrids which resist the blight very well.
  • Or is it a blight in the air, against which we cannot guard?
  • It don't take long to blight a body.
  • The blight gets in below the graft if the graft is high on the trunk.
  • Where are the fairies that could blight or bless the human heart?
  • The breath of this desire is able to blight the flowers of social service.
  • A little bird and a little blight and a little balance to a best button.
  • A huge blight lay on the field with every tender plant blackened and dead.

How To Use Blight In A Sentence?

  • Anything to escape from this deadly blight which seemed to be settling down on them all!
  • It has been killed out by the chestnut blight and it is very rarely that live suckers are seen.
  • I am assuming that the blight starts near the base of the tree as it usually does.
  • Your power and influence is too much to blight by foolish and melancholicy pining.
  • Masturbation or prostitution soon blight the brightest prospects a young man may have.
  • This blunder and a variety of other mishaps proved destined to blight his military career.
  • Is not one bitter trouble sufficient to blight all of a sudden the most peaceful and happy life?
  • Their reaction to the deadly chestnut blight was studied at great length and at different seasons.

Definition of Blight

(transitive) To affect with blight; to blast; to prevent the growth and fertility of. | (intransitive) To suffer blight. | (transitive) To spoil or ruin (something).
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