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  • Which is the bliss of solitude.
  • They fled to bliss or woe!
  • I feel a bliss that nothing can dispel.
  • In this small cell what bliss profound!
  • Our love cannot possibly enjoy such bliss for long.
  • Our bliss upon a word that we may break?
  • The bliss of capitulation might be postponed for a time.
  • Even that thought had bliss in it, he would see her again.
  • Oh! bliss beyond all earthly bliss!
  • Alone I cannot bear this bliss and woe.
  • Why, it's bliss to me; she'd have killed me.
  • There every sense experienced a threefold greater bliss than here below.
  • The simplicity, the inevitableness of his bliss overwhelmed him.
  • Space is no more, under the mud; His bliss is older than the sun.
  • Your friendship much can make me blest, O why that bliss destroy!
  • Where want and woe shall melt in light That plays round Bliss eternally!
  • But lang or noon, loud tempests storming A' my flowery bliss destroy'd.
  • Then I warned Bliss that he must get to work or I should make trouble.

How To Use Bliss In A Sentence?

  • But if these doubts and fears or this supreme bliss restrained her, it was only for a moment.
  • He would dilate eloquently upon the bliss of living in accordance with the spiritual harmonies.
  • In love a moment of bliss is nothing; it is only the morrow which purifies and sanctifies it.
  • It made a lump come to your throat, seeing the bliss in their eyes as they stood there together.
  • Thenceforth in bliss and honour day by day His measured span of sweet life wore away.
  • What though my winged hours of bliss have been, Like angel-visits, few and far between.
  • To crown your happiness he asks your leave, And offers, bliss to give and to receive.
  • Lest that this moment, fraught with bliss supreme, Should make us trebly wretched!
  • In the freshness of the morn, And feel, perchance too late, the bliss of being born.
  • The gods have plainly emptied all their store, On whom they've pour'd a flood of bliss at once.
  • With grace to all in that city stay; And life and bliss doth His glance convey!
  • For die I must, when three such foes, Heaven, fate, and love, my bliss oppose.
  • He permitted his gift to fail him for a suggestion that there was more to life than the bliss of a simple and peaceful being.
  • It was pure bliss to him to bring us the first-fruit of the garden, it was like laying it on an altar.
  • From this dream of bliss she was awakened by a burning kiss pressed on her lips, and a strong arm encircling her.
  • Would that the happiness, the bliss of looking upon her, of being near her, might have lasted for ever!
  • Even when every sense is sated with bliss and rapture, her heart remains empty, and yearns after the unattainable.
  • He explained the house's difficulty and distress, as Bliss had already explained it.
  • That night Willie's dreams were troubled, but they were mingled with a deep bliss notwithstanding.
  • Nor e'er was to the bowers of bliss conveyed A fairer spirit, or more welcome shade.
  • Agnes loved me, and in the deep, quiet bliss which this knowledge gave I felt the promise of deliverance.
  • In the profound enormous silence that, at last, enwrapped us, the bliss of freedom from that metallic accompaniment fell on me like a balm.

Definition of Bliss

perfect happiness
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