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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blistered | Blistered Sentence

  • His feet were blistered and bleeding.
  • The hot sand had blistered his feet.
  • The paper was blistered with the tears of the writer.
  • In summer the dunes are a parched and blistered inferno.
  • His face and his hands became blistered with the heat.
  • Her face, though covered, is blistered by the intense heat.
  • The palm of my hand was scorched and blistered in a dozen places.
  • Maggie's face was flushed and blistered with crying.
  • Gray moistened his baked and blistered lips, and then again shouted.
  • He thrust out one hand and displayed a scorched and blistered palm.
  • She laid her cheek against the paper, and her tears blistered it.
  • The pages are written in blood, they are blistered with tears.
  • No anything, except that the starboard side is blistered a bit.
  • The burning sand had blistered my feet, and caused my legs to swell.
  • He vaccinated me, he cut me for an abscess, he blistered me for mumps.
  • His shoes, his clothes, his hands and wrists were blistered by the heat.
  • Like a blistered surface, rising in convex prominences, rather coarse.
  • Already Lila's new shoes had blistered her feet.
  • Joe's fingers came away as though the glass had blistered them.

How To Use Blistered In A Sentence?

  • The men were black with smoke and their hands and faces were blistered and scratched.
  • His face and hands were blistered from his efforts to shield his passengers from the fire.
  • The sun beat oppressively on his head and blistered his shoulders through his net undershirt.
  • Through the shifting curtain of smoke and waving fire he studied them out of blistered eyes.
  • By this means the iron is carbonized and converted into what is commonly called blistered steel.
  • The outside was raw with sunburn and wind-chap and the inside was blistered and rope-worn.
  • We then carried it ashore, and spread it out in the sun to be blistered there for two weeks or so.
  • The experiences of the previous day had left their mark in stiffened joints and blistered hands.
  • He toiled for a couple of hours, till his hands were blistered and his muscles ached.
  • He took my hand, and kissed it till it was blistered by the sharp bristles of his unshaven lips.
  • The door, which was equipped with neither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained.
  • A man sat upon the floor near the stove and laboriously applied bandages to his blistered feet.
  • He came with blistered feet and streaming eyes, with aching head and broken heart to relieve you.
  • Over the word "forget" there was a big round blistered spot that nearly effaced the word.
  • The salt water and intense heat of the sun blistered their feet and legs, and gave intense pain.
  • The moonlight was full on the haggard blistered face that looked up at Gray with twitching lips.
  • Again, as I trudged with blistered feet that livelong day, did I think over my failure.
  • My "Hanti-Freckle Salves" all blistered up and peeled afore the summer was 'ardly begun a'most.
  • One of his hands was blistered and he wanted to get back to his room and put on some cooling lotion.
  • The insects which infested our dungeon tormented me incessantly, and my feet were blistered all over from their bites.
  • With blistered hands and burning lungs he hacked at the tough strands of hemp with his pocket-knife.

Definition of Blistered

Having one or more blisters | simple past tense and past participle of blister
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