Blithe In A Sentence

Definition of Blithe

(dated or literary) Happy, cheerful. | Indifferent, careless, showing a lack of concern.

How To Use Blithe In A Sentence?

  • The blithe voice and pleasant smile took all the sting from the prompt refusal.
  • Buds were bursting and birds singing, and all nature seemed very blithe and inspiring.
  • It isn't only her looks, though she's beautiful, as some blithe sprite met by chance in a forest.
  • The next morning, whilst dressing, I heard a blithe voice carolling on the stair.
  • Sadly I kick the unresponsive door; Youth, with its blithe ablutions, is no more.
  • May the bells of Shandon Toll blithe and bland on The pleasant waters of thy memory!
  • I hadna a thocht but that it was a' richt and neither had the lass, for she was blithe to gang.
  • God bless the old-fashioned girl with her helpful ways, her arch face and her blithe and hearty laugh.
  • Even amid these sombre shades, where he was kept for nearly a year, his spirit was blithe and its fire unquenchable.
  • My tongue had not been clogged and middle-aged, in those blithe days, and yet those days were only two years gone.
  • He was a lithe, blithe boy; his chocolate coloured skin shone and the muscles rippled as he trotted along.
  • And this blithe and bonny lassie, who enjoyed her play with the child and her sight-seeing with the old man, was not out of place among them.
  • Somehow the blithe reassurance that this is consistent with the First Amendment fails to comfort one.
  • So surely as they raised their voices, the old man got quite blithe and loud; and so surely as they stopped, his vigor sank again.
  • I was still worn with my exertions of yesterday and weary with long riding, so I was blithe to get my limbs at rest.
  • Noll was almost always blithe and light-hearted, and Trafford found his bright influence a hard one to struggle against.
  • Of this house his darling little Marian had been the light and joy; and her blithe and loving spirit seemed to haunt it still.
  • So surely as they raised their voices, the old man got quite blithe and loud; and so surely as they stopped, his vigour sank again.
  • Swinging as the breezes blow, So will we ever be Blithe and joyous as we go.
  • Foremost among them, and most intent on the pretty game, was a boy like a sunbeam, slender and quick, with blithe brown eyes and laughing lips.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blithe | Blithe Sentence

  • To be blithe and gay.
  • Ella was blithe and buoyant.
  • She was as blithe as a cricket.
  • All skipping blithe and gay.
  • That bore so blithe a bird.
  • Make us this day blithe in duty.
  • Till blithe he wakes to daylight and to joy.
  • Let lads and maids be blithe together.
  • The blithe young year is upward steering.
  • Bear with old age, blithe child of memory!
  • Sing On, Blithe Bird!
  • The, 58 Sing on, Blithe Bird!
  • It was a time of blithe and unmixed happiness for the friends.
  • He is an old friend of mine, and would be blithe to see any of my kin.
  • There was no trouble in the hearts of the Countess and his blithe comrade.
  • His blithe humour ought surely to have been an example to Nellie!
  • Every person I met saluted me with a blithe and cheery greeting.
  • She never remembered to have heard Charlie whistling so blithe an air.
  • A most courteous gentleman; red of face, blue of eye, and blithe of tongue.
  • O, blithe the babies' spirits were, That they could have a ride!

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