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  • She was half a block in advance.
  • She meditated for a full block in silence.
  • They walked the last block in unbroken silence.
  • Bob said, after they had walked a block in silence.
  • The British Museum forms an imposing block in the centre.
  • It was attached to the boat and passed over a block in the mast.
  • He replaced the block in the incubation oven and faced the day cheerfully.
  • Sterilise block in its dish for one hour in the hot-air oven at 115 deg.
  • On our way home we found another block in the main street, and paused.
  • But I am the stumbling block in everybody's way.

How To Use Block In In A Sentence?

  • You saw heads turning all along the block in discreet censure of his unsabbatical behaviour.
  • And then when we began to buy on the broken market, we found another block in our way.
  • Leon was mincing some sausage-meat on the oak block in a slow, rhythmical fashion.
  • This misunderstanding, which involved a complete block in the passage, seemed to her unbearable.
  • Thomas Darling bought the entire block in 1836 for eighty-eight thousand dollars.
  • To Kat, he was nothing, unless it was a stumbling block in the way of her happiness.
  • Your environment has been Anglo-Saxon, where the first block in the picture is fair play.
  • The Mastery of the Tongue The tongue is a veritable stumbling block in the path of the singer.
  • Petrak did not hear him as he was fumbling with the block in the sand and muttered about a jammed rope.
  • There is scarcely a block in the whole extent of this fine street of which some part is not in a state of transmutation.
  • He has allowed himself to become attached, and many times our attachment can be a tremendous block in our path.
  • That party may not look up for some little time, and then the currency is a stumbling block in the way.
  • But it was pretty light out, and the witnesses are willing to swear that there was nobody on that street for a block in either direction.
  • When he had turned the block in his hand, those lines had whirled and changed to form new and intricate designs.
  • He set the plastic block in a container which would raise it very, very gradually to a specific temperature and hold it there.
  • He set the plastic block in a container which would raise it very, very gradually to a specific temperature and hold it there.
  • Somehow they are not so harrowing as the wounded British, perhaps because of the block in language and the weirdness of them.
  • By a common mistake, easily understood, the fac-similes have been put upon the block in reverse order.
  • In our own generation the apostle is a serious stumbling block in the way of "evangelical" women who are friendly to the aspirations of their sex.
  • The man who carried the second lantern, took the head block in his free hand, and stepped onto the ledge.
  • Judge Sewall was unwilling to make equal provision for her, hence the stumbling block in their courtship.
  • When the fog lifted for a moment, we discovered the error, put about without more ado, and went around the block in a hurry.
  • The ride was brief, and the block in which Dalrymple lived was, fortunately, at that moment free of pedestrians.
  • Then, furtive as a shadow, she made her way towards a long, low building that showed up like a huge ebony block in the whiteness.
  • I had put a great stumbling block in my own way, by which I was near losing my passage that season to England.
  • Cutty recognized the fact that he had become as a block in the middle of a Chinese puzzle; only Fate could move him to his appointed place.
  • Mrs. Jones has a sister ninety-two years of age living with her now, who was sold from the auction block in Manchester.
  • Alas, we were seen and followed, and it was by sheer luck, owing to a block in the traffic, that I was able to elude my pursuers.
  • The home in that quarter may be in a block in which a number of buildings are residences, or it may stand with a warehouse on one side and a workshop on the other.
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