Block Out in a sentence

Definition of Block Out

(transitive) to prevent from entering or penetrating. | (idiomatic, transitive) to prevent (a thought) from entering one's mind. | (transitive) to cover something, so as to make it impossible to see.

How to use Block Out in a Sentence?

  • This result is produced by first piling up a number of boards to form a block out of which the propeller can be carved.
  • Yet in the splendid block out of which the ever-pathetic figure of Mary was chiselled there came to light an ineradicable flaw.
  • A pine block will, then, displace only about 34.6 pounds of water, which leaves nearly half of the block out of the water.
  • Then I saw nothing more for a long while, because blackness seemed to flow in from every quarter of the heavens and to block out the scene beneath.

Short Example Sentence for Block Out