Blockading In A Sentence

Definition of Blockading

present participle of blockade

How To Use Blockading In A Sentence?

  • Every feature about it showed that it was trying to quietly steal out past the blockading vessels.
  • But it could have made little difference to the blockading fleet whether they were fired or not.
  • Three of the American vessels blockading this harbor had been ordered to explore the bay.
  • The wing-jackets, re-enforced by the crews of the blockading fleet, renewed their attack.
  • The duty of the African blockading squadron is very hard; it is not a favorite station.
  • He had been blockading the island of Potoo, where many English ladies had taken refuge.
  • But they find it more profitable to hold the nation to ransom by blockading the supply of the necessaries of life.
  • And he knew, though he could not see them then, that far out to sea lay the vessels of the blockading squadron.
  • One detachment of the plate fleet fell into the hands of his blockading ships and the silver ingots were dispatched to London.
  • Perhaps ten minutes after that the blockading squadron sighted a Spanish gunboat coming toward them with a flag of truce.
  • In heavy gales of wind the blockading ships generally put to sea for their own safety; which gave me an opportunity to make my passage unmolested.
  • If there were any vessels of the blockading fleet between us and the land, they certainly were off their stations and very close in under the shadow of the land.
  • News has just been received that Commodore Foote is to succeed Dupont in the command of the blockading squadron.
  • While Tordenskjold was away at Marstrand, the enemy sallied forth and snapped up seven of the smaller vessels of his blockading fleet.
  • Dispatches arrived from Alvarado saying that the Mexicans had, for the last fortnight, ceased their attacks; but were blockading him in the palace.
  • We anchored at the mouth of Newport harbor for the purpose of awaiting an opportunity of returning when the blockading frigate should stand out to sea.
  • Pitching his camp along the shore both north and south, and blockading the harbor on the east, he sent messengers through the land to enlist the peasantry in his cause.
  • I am blockading Genoa, according to the orders of the Admiralty, and in the way I think most proper.
  • This is evidently a humorous sneer at the trifling value of the prizes taken by the vessels of our blockading fleet off Havana in the early days of the war.
  • It assumes control of the sea by the blockading navy, and, before the days of mines and submarines, it was enforced by a cordon of ships off the enemy coast.
  • He can go out to the blockading fleet as often as he pleases and ship a dozen brothers in the Yankee navy if he wants to, and nothing will be done to him.
  • The difficulty of keeping five miles away, or any specified distance away, from a blockading fleet of war-ships at night can be fully realized only by those who have experienced it.
  • That frigate, as the reader will recall, ran aground while blockading Tripoli (with which country we were at war), and was captured by the Turks.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blockading | Blockading Sentence

  • Unaccountably the blockading squadron had disappeared.
  • Union fleets were blockading every important Southern port.
  • Once more a strong British fleet was blockading the Dutch coast.
  • Three were blockading Malta, conjointly with the Portuguese vessels.
  • They reached the English blockading squadron under Lord Gambier.

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